Calendar 2012

Franke magazine’s 2012 calendar featuring artists like Donna Wilson, Ashley G and Drew, Pin Pals,  Catherine Campbell, Amanda Blake, Anke Weckmann, Nancy Mungcal, Ana Albero, Marjorie Liucci, The Black Apple and Sarah McNeil.

My Pirum Parum is in good company :)

Have you seen Studio Morrans great 2012 calendar?


4 Responses to Calendar 2012

  1. sofia says:

    fantastiskt fint ju!!

  2. Kylie says:

    Isn’t it fabulous? I love it too :)
    My big girl has asked for it for Christmas.

  3. Elizabeth B. says:

    Amazing! What a great deal and to have these great artist rotating… I’ve been oogling over Black Apple this very evening.

  4. Katja says:

    It’s beautiful. Do you maybe now, where do they sell it? Have a nice day, katja

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