Inspirational tips for the children’s room

As many other bloggers and Instagrammers out there I’m  thrilled over the new book called Rum för Kidsen, by Isabelle McAllister and Jenny Brandt of DosFamily. Smart, fun and filled with inspiration! If you get one book about children’s room this year, this should be it. Buy it here.

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Back in Småland

Yes so nice! Sunny but oh so crispy. Actually it was real chilly when you come from a warm  apartment in town. The house would need weeks of fire in the fireplace and sunny days to get some kind of a uniform, pleasant temperature this time of the year. After Easter eggs, cleaning was on the top of the schedule. I tell you this place smell soap now. Every little space is scrubbed and dusted. Moreover, the food and the wine tasted great, the cats chased flies and the kids worked with the garden. Well you hear, we are talking about close to idyllic scenes here. Hope you had a good one too.

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Not only do they have a great looking logo. If I’ll ever visit The Netherlands. Good that there is a webshop as well, I love their range. TASKA.


Cards, Sanne van Winden. Posters here.

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We went up north and stayed at a hostel. Visited fleas. Thought I would not bring home too much. But you know how it is.

Gosh I love my new camera.

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Egg Cups

“Traditional” Easter Sunday activities. Eggs dressed in my design for House of RymBlack almond, Triangle walks, Arbour harbor and Spot me,


Last year, the first Arbour Harbour egg.


Arbour Harbour blue.

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Instagram favorite – Tyra von Zweigbergk

Are you following genius Tyra von Zweigbergk?


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Porcelain cups with faces

A while ago I wrote about House of Rym‘s news for 2014. But I did not show you these which I’ve designed together with my colleague and friend Cecilia Pettersson. The cups are called Oh what a friendly face.

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What would you like to be in the book?

You who follow at Instagram might know that I am working with a fun project right now. A Fine Little Day book, together with the publisher Natur & Kultur and my colleague Klara Bothén. It will contain things from the years with Fine Little Day, peeps from the studio, our summer house, some recycling DIY and random things that I like and have around me.

In the first stage the book will be published in Swedish, hopefully in English as well further on. If you are a frequent visitor of Fine Little Day you might remember any particular posts or topics that you think should be in the book.  If so, or if you have wishes – please feel free to tell.

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Henning Trollbäck

“A piece of the wall and wallpaper was missing above a door in our summer house. What to do but paint the missing part by hand. The paint I used was traditional lime paint, with pigment powder mixed to the right colours by hand.”

Ever since I first laid my eyes on this one, I’ve been a fan.
Henning Trollbäck.





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Flowery news!

We have some beyond beautiful posters to show you, flowery scented new posters exclusively made for Fine Little Day by artist Marta Fromme. The name of them – Marta’s Summer and Marta’s Clover!

Talanded Marta Fromme has also made this poster for us.


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