Creativity, in the real sense

Works by Cilla Ramnek.

Imagne how many hours of work. The variety of materials, thumbtacks, fabric samples, paper strips, pot holders, crochets… quirky, all handmade and far from perfect, love.

Vitaminized. Thanks.


Karin, a postmodern granny square blanket. Found through Kyile.


22 Responses to Creativity, in the real sense

  1. C SATHAL says:

    J’adore !!

  2. Karen Barbé says:

    Thanks for sharing this exhibition. I love Cilla’s work. The way she creates with colour and pattern is just stunning.

    Good to see you are back in shape :)

  3. Ana says:

    Oh my heck! That is gorg.

  4. alessandra says:

    so inspiring thanks!

  5. emma says:


  6. Kylie says:

    Oh I love this too! The way she puts these pieces together – I dream of doing something as good as this. Thanks for the mention too, Elisabeth :) Kx

  7. is it you in the mirror?;)

    gotta learn how to make crochet things, looks like fun with all the colors:)


  8. Elisabeth says:

    Agata, I would love to learn as well, someday…
    (I’m the mirror lady)

  9. bmo says:

    åhh så underbart inspirerande och roligt och så roligt CR måste ha när hon jobbar. tack för den utställningen!

  10. Sarah says:

    WOW! this is amazing. particularly like the little mat thing the lamp is standing on! thank you for sharing.

  11. Sara says:

    Inspirerande indeed!

  12. Après ski says:

    Wonderful!!Congratulations for your blog, it’s very inspiring.

  13. Lianne says:

    Owie, sore thumbs. I can do one thumb tack before giving up and getting hubby to push them all in. Weak thumbs.

  14. kristina says:

    well i’m inspirred…i love cilla’s work ;o)

  15. vitamized for sure !
    thanks for sharing this wonderful artists work with us elisabeth …I am reminded of so many moments in her pieces , I love the painterly way she makes them :)

  16. stunning patch-work of work! mmmhmmmm!

  17. lingonsmak says:

    like your “patternposts” this week, especially this here. very nice!

  18. Simone says:

    Wow, i really like her work. all the hours of work, it’s like meditation in a way….i could imagine to sit and just work…without any distraction. What a discipline!(the real sense) Love it, thank you Elisabeth

  19. Melinda says:

    Oh my goodness, what stunning work! Thanks for sharing the love. I’m totally inspired.

  20. Beautiful! I love creativity with color and an enormous sense of style.
    Thank you

  21. natascha says:

    Such a beautiful work! Thanks for the pictures.

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