2011/01/10 The bead basket collection

Mom has been visiting = the bead basket collection has grown.

I hurt I am in fashion.


29 Responses to 2011/01/10 The bead basket collection

  1. gina says:

    Wish I could find bead baskets over here!!!
    Happy New Year Elisabeth!
    puss puss

  2. erika says:

    so lovely…..I guess you are ready for egg hunting ;-)

  3. Susu says:

    Awesome! and do look great together.
    Are they made with Hama beads??

  4. Elisabeth says:

    Susu, yes Hama beads!

  5. karin says:

    I like this collection.

  6. hanna says:

    how pretty they are. didn’t realize one could make something like that from the beads. and the oven of yours, so pretty as well.

  7. Elin says:

    Hurra vad kul! är det hon som gör dem? :D duktig mamma!

  8. Ylva says:

    hihi, vad söta!!

  9. Elisabeth says:

    Elin, nej hon gör dem inte. Men hon hittar och köper dem till mig på loppis :)

  10. marie-louise says:

    Hur många saker samlar du på?!!!

    För inte så länge sedan köpte jag en stor platt fin låda från 60-talet med just sådana där nabbipärlor i. Och sen såg jag att dom alla var av glas – då blev jag ännu gladare!

  11. Elisabeth says:

    Ha ha, sitter precis och svarar på en intervju mailledes. En av frågorna: “Samlar du på nåt?”. Vet inte vad jag ska börja..

    Glaspärlor, wow.

  12. Gabija says:

    Adorable this is:>

  13. Louise says:

    The patterns and colours are so perfect! Well done, mum!

  14. they look wonderful against the white.

  15. Casa e Cose says:

    Those are just so cute! What patience!

  16. Those colors and patterns are so beautiful and charming.

  17. tifanie says:

    i’ve never even S E E N a bead basket before! wow. they’re so colorful and cheery!

  18. Kit says:

    Those are great! I used to do a lot of Hama bead crafts but never thought to make 3D forms! Love the colours… x

  19. Esti says:

    my mom-in-law gave some bead baskets like those to my kids last year :)

  20. terri planty says:

    THOSE ARE AMAZING!! love them. my heart is beating so quickly with love for those baskets!

  21. i like your basket a lot!

  22. gracia says:

    That sure is one adorable collection of sweet and tiny brightness!

  23. karen says:

    oh la la! do you have a pattern/instructions link for these beauties… I would love to make one for my friends’ newborn baby as a keepsake? xXx

  24. rex says:

    How are these baskets made. I read the hamas beads are attached with the heat of an iron. Were these made that way? Very beautiful.

  25. sue says:

    wau… very nice and cute.. I love to do beaded tree.. please visit at my blog.thanx

  26. Jemma says:

    They are beautiful! Does your mother make them? I can’t find any tutorials online for anything like as lovely as these…please please share how to do it!!!

  27. Elisabeth / Fine Little Day says:

    Hi Jemma,
    they are all flea find. Here, a hint to how you do them:

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