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Wanted to show you a first peep of House of Rym’s new spring/summer collection for 2014. As you might know Anna Backlund and I has been House of Rym’s main designers since the company started 2011. It has been a fun and giving journey which is still not finished. For the 2014 collection House of Rym has brought in an additional designer to the crew – my colleague and friend Cecilia Pettersson! Yes the same Cecilia who made Fine Little Day Shop‘s poster The forest (also available as wallpaper) and the candy colored Polka pillow cases and kitchen towels. Cecilia has made a bunch of things for the new collection, posters, porcelain and textile. See more at the House of Rym site.

Above, poster by Cecilia Pettersson Welcome to Shroomville. Below teaset by the same, Hypnotique wheat. And cup Shroomville + Anna Backlund’s Sprinkle Sprinkle saucer.


2 Responses to News from House of Rym

  1. Nikki says:

    Ah I love the mushroom poster :)

  2. Evie says:

    Loving all of this new work for House of Rym. Big fan of Cecilia’s pattern work, it’s so exciting seeing her work her!

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