I have a new wristwatch. Do you still use them? There was a couple of years (in the beginning of my iPhone period) that I thought I did not need a one anymore. I always brought the phone so If I wanted to know what time was I simply checked the phone. Then one day I realized something was missing. I’m not much in to jewelry, well I can like them (even have a Pinterest board with the theme) but I rarely feel comfortable in earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Wristwatches on the other hand is like some kind of a middle thing between a jewelry and something practical. Don’t need to dig deep down in a purse to check the time either.

I have realized that I’m a wristwatch woman and I have a couple that I switch in between. Most of them are plain, rather classical in style like this Daniel Wellington watch. Daniel Wellington is a quite new Swedish watch brand. Another (successful) Swedish watch brand is Void Watches. Take a look at the AARK Collective watches as well. Urban Trait seem to have a lot of them “design watches”

While we are on the subject I have to mention that the husband is kind of wrist watch geek. So here, a couple of links from him:

Interesting article at a good nerd watch site.
Great site and article about the ultimate watch.
Exciting clock model, the archetype of the pilot watch.
Legendary watch.
Ultimate Sports Watches.
Nice site if you like cool divers.

UPDATE: A good thing Urban Trait has free worldwide shipping until the end of 2013.


6 Responses to Wristwatches

  1. Elina says:

    I love wrist watches as well. I recall a “Longines” watch that you showed a couple of years ago (you got it from your husband if if I remember it right?). I have an old Longines myself which I inherited from my dad. I belive I’m like you, I use wristwatches like jewelery. The grey AARK Collective watch went straight up on the wish list!

  2. Elisabeth says:

    Hi Elina, yes you remember it right, the Longines was a gift from the husband. An all time favorite.

    (I had the my eyes on that grey AARK watch as well.)

  3. WSAKE says:

    when i need to know the time i wear a plastic swatch, they´re classic somehow and come in a lot of colours, but i have a black one – also looks good with jewellery.

    oh – and i like your pinterest board!

  4. my father just gave me one of his that looks alot like yours…i’m afraid to wear it (i’ll either get it wet in chicken’s water or ruin it with paint! ) but yes, it is nice to have for dress up – iphone’s don’t look as nice at a party :)

  5. Agata says:

    Oh I use one! :)especially when i work and my hands are dirty with paint or just too busy to reach for the phone:)
    the one I like the most has the date and the day of the week on it too which is perfect since i never know either of the two:)

  6. Estheer says:

    I love your choice Elizabet. Would not mind it on my arm as well ;)

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