Phone photo versus Canon + Snölykta

Hi, just a peep in to ours on a Tuesday forenoon. The big camera stood ready on a tripod. And the phone in my hand. Look at the different feeling. Here is the phone photo. She, Rut the cat is all over, all the time.

The camera was actually ready for the beauty above. The newest addition in the shop – Snölykta. I love the shape of a snow lantern. The rust lantern above is for outdoors since it leave rust stains. But they are available in silver as well. I’m so glad to have them in the shop. Handmade with true love, in Sweden.


3 Responses to Phone photo versus Canon + Snölykta

  1. Sara says:

    Where did you get Pia Ulin’s book “Nesting”?

  2. Louise says:

    Rut is getting big! And what a glamour-posing-puss she is :)

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