“homely feel”

Back in the city, and to full tempo. 75% of the family are or has been sick in the flu. But better times are coming – soon it will be October and we can turn back the clocks an hour to compensate for the intruding darkness. And next week already we will have a sale in the studio here in Gothenburg which I look forward to. If you have possibility to stop by there will be a lot of House of Rym porcelain and textiles sold together with our ordinary Fine Little Day range.

Did you hear it from your parents as well “sitting too close to the TV will ruin your eyes”? This one has not been told it..

And this one sleep at all sorts of places you can imagine.

The quote in the title comes from this list, which made me really glad, and damn proud. Thank you Trish Lorenz/The Independent!


6 Responses to “homely feel”

  1. Just love your place. Scandinavian countries definitely have something very unique when it comes to interiors. Just came back from Helsinge (Denmark) with that “everything is so visually amazing” feeling! Also, thanks for the list – guess I have 183.926.425 brand new websites to check. ;) x

  2. naa says:

    oh I wish i could stop by on your sale… too bad I am to far away…
    Have a good end of the week!*

  3. Hélène says:

    I love your blog ! And I’m a huge fan of your little grey cat : could you please tell me his name, how old is he (he looks like a kitten), and his pedegree ? Thanks a lot.

  4. Malin says:

    Det ser sjukt skönt ut med katter som sover…

  5. Keelin says:

    Can you tell me where your mobile is from? Thank you

  6. Elisabeth / Fine Little Day says:

    From Fine Little Day shop, the artist is Renilde Depeuter.

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