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I’m not alone. The urge to collect must be one of the world’s most widespread pastimes. Collecting is fun. For me, some kind of escapism and even contemplative too. The identity part matter as well and it’s also way to connect and feel community of course.

“Some people think the urge to collect may be related to man’s origin as a hunter-gatherer. Others have looked for Freudian explanations: compensation for a loveless childhood, or an attempt to impose order on a chaotic world.” Article in the Economist, To have and to hold.

When I think abot it I realize that I “collect” many things. Rarely but sometimes I can line them collections up, look and get some kind of emotional kick of it. Luckily I have recurring bouts of cleaning mania though so, so far I’ve never come close a pathological collecting behavior, yet. That documentary series Hoarders..

The bedding textiles collection has recently been looked through. And a bunch of them sent to recycling. But as you can see I just can’t get rid of the childish ones, can’t pass them at fleas either. Even if the youngest one in this house hold is a teenager. Well that’s how it is.

(Middle pic, my own pattern. Something I did when I studied at HDK).

Coming up, more collections ;)


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  1. Polly says:

    I’m the same, lots of little collections of this and that. I can’t explain what drives them, I don’t really care, it’s just my kind of fun :)

  2. gina says:

    I’m curious: do you and your husband share a similar taste in things? Is he a collector as well? I’ve heard some comment that they don’t “see” my husband in our home…they only see the obvious though, not the stack of hats and jars of coins on the dresser, not the concession of having a TV in the living room and all of the attendant remote controls…anyway, it makes me wonder if your place is a reflection of you and him.

    • Elisabeth says:

      Well, we do have similar taste. Even if I belive our home is colored mostly by my person. He has “corners” though. Oh ha, that sounded poor.. But basically he is a man with a good sense of style in my eyes, no major collisions. I guess we are both kind of slackers and bohemian in our taste and behavior. I should say that our home is a relection of what we have become living together the last 15 years ;)

  3. georgia says:

    lovely!… all of it! would buy that pattern you designed if ever i saw it sold!

  4. Diana says:

    just when i think I’m becoming jaded and the photos of pretty things can no longer jump start my brain… I see your picture of your textile and your linen cupboard and sigh with pleasure

  5. bmo says:

    den som spar har…vi är nog jägare. sa jag förresten att tomaten är väldigt fin? annars säger jag det nu! och ditt “gamla” mönster också…

  6. Hello Elisabeth!
    Long time no peep from me…popped in to get my fill of your world. mmmm! I had a look at Tovalisa’s blog and had to laugh out loud!
    She is covering all the teenage staples…shopping, limos, victoria secret! so fun to see America through a Swede’s eyes! It looks about the same as I see it when I leave the farm!
    I hope she had a grand time and doesn’t get too addicted to Victoria Secret’s bras…$$$ and its a little odd when young girls insist they need a push up!
    congrats on all the milestones i’ve missed – it’s always a joy to visit Fine Little Day! xo

  7. Agata Seredyn says:

    Your collection looks beautiful. Personally I’m totally do not have an urge to collect ;-/ My mum is a HUGE collector, and I’m just so tired of all the stuff she keeps for years. Her house has definitely bohemian style, but I just can’t breathe out there if stay for longer. I think I’m very much minimalist ( with 2 small kids its hard anyway, but one day I will be my self again ;-)

  8. mieke verbijlen says:

    great collection :)
    i love the brown one with the sheep so so much. i remember searching for it long time ago, but never found it. maybe one day!

  9. ps i LOVE your pattern, at first glance i thought it was an old traditional treasure! I’m loving all the repeat patterns popping up on wallpaper and fabrics these days…they look antique but then up close you start to notice somethings are a little different.
    eg that green wallpaper of yours with the foxes etc. beautiful!
    wish i had gone to design school ;0

  10. lisen says:

    SÅ fint. I skåpet.


    gillar samlingar, samlare, samlande. kul.
    min hund samlar. blir snart en bok.
    kanske (också) skulle göra en utställning.

  11. Elisabeth / Fine Little Day says:

    Tack tack för tips Lisen.

    Och gud så spännande med samlarbok och kanske utställning!

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