Thank you + interpretation by Mogu

Thanks a bunch for cheering the new Tomato poster! I’m truly amazed and happy for the support here on the blog and on Instagram, wow. And thanks for all orders that have popped in :)!

Yesterday we booked a trip to California (next summer)!, today I had the luck to meet up with one of Gothenburg’s most skillful designers (more in a coming blog post) and we even got some fresh flowers on the table. Life can be good.

Look at the cool interpretation by talented (the energy, the quality!) artist Mogu Takahashi of yesterday’s photo of me holding the framed tomato fellow here. The drawing portrayes our darling cats as well as and the stool above (painted by Mogu). Mogu is sharing her amazing daily doodles at this Instgram account, follow!

And Mogu’s wallpaper, love.
Top photo, Cecilia’s wallpaper, love 2.


5 Responses to Thank you + interpretation by Mogu

  1. Mimmi says:

    That stool is super :) Love Mx Tomato as well!

  2. gina says:

    Welcome to America! Exciting news Elisabeth.
    California is a big state – beautiful cities,
    beaches, National Parks, markets, shops, food,
    and on and on – it will be interesting to get
    your take on whatever you see and do.

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