Blue collection

I like them blue. Here too.


11 Responses to Blue collection

  1. Inger Marie says:

    Beautiful – and I recognize several from my own collection :)

  2. wsake says:

    so pretty, i´m into white and blue bowls:)

  3. Patrice A. says:

    what a fine collection!
    reminds me of the plates
    i saw in Makkum a place in Friesland
    the northern part of the Netherlands

    i like!!

  4. Helenb says:

    I have a lovely collection of blue and white plates too I love yours too. I always thinks how lovely they look as a collection….strength in numbers :)

  5. Louise says:

    Fantastic! I’m rather jealous in fact. Wonderful collection. x

  6. rheingruen says:

    The zwo blue horses are actors in a fairy tale… Grüße Iris

  7. Madeline says:

    A great collection, something about things together that makes each more special.

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