Curated by Fine Little Day / Wallpaper giveaway!

Dear readers you might have seen the project Curated by Fine Little Day that was launched last week. A collaboration with Swedish Photowall and five favorite artists/designers of mine Mogu TakahashiKindra Murphy, Klara BothénCecilia Pettersson and Steffie Brocoli.

The Curated by Fine Little Day is an awesome collection of wallpapers from above mentioned artist, selected by me. Now you have the chance to win your favorite wallpaper in the collection! Just leave a comment in this post with a sentence or two about which one of the wallpapers you would like to win. Two winners will win wallpapers for 2500 kr/ 285€ / $370

The winners will be picked next Monday 22 July, 2013 and announced here at Fine Little Day blog. Good luck to you all, and thanks for playing :)

The wallpapers are:

Kindra Murphy’s Colorform
Klara Bothén’s Scallops
Mogu Takahashi’s Mogu
Cecilia Pettersson’s Fir Forest
Steffie Brocoli’s Wooden Village


165 Responses to Curated by Fine Little Day / Wallpaper giveaway!

  1. Frida Järpegård says:

    I just love the wooden village wallpaper. It will look so good in our workspace! Or the amazing Mogu for the boring hallway!
    Nice pick Fine little day!

    • Lynn Barron says:

      Thank you for sharing all the wallpapers, but I love love Cecilia Pettersson’s Fir Forest wallpaper. It would look beautiful on my living room wall! :))

  2. Emma Oscarsson says:

    I would love to win Fir forest by Cecilia Pettersson. It reminds me of my fantasy forest I dreamt of as a child and I know the perfect place to put it in our house. It would be a way to bring some of my childhood to my own children!

  3. Amiza Trebilco says:

    I would love to win Steffie Brocoli’s Wooden Village wallpaper for my 3 year old daughter’s new ‘big girl’ bedroom! So beautiful.

  4. Saskia says:

    Ah, this is hard to decide. I would love to win each of them, but most of all I love Mogu Takahashi’s design as a wallpaper!

  5. What an exciting competition!
    I love Steffie Brocoli’s Wooden Village and think it would look beautiful in a wee room with white painted floorboards : )
    The colours remind me of lovely old 1950′ East block wood and lino cuts, like these from one of my favorite books:

    Thank you + have a nice day.


  6. Robyn says:

    I adore the wooden village wallpaper. Been thinking so much about wallpaper lately.

  7. Aja Sredanovic says:

    Kindra Murphy’s Colorform in yellow. I’ve been looking for a wallpaper like this for years now. Grown up form with a childish twist, perfect for my working space.

  8. Mariela says:

    Amazing giveaway! I love Mogu Takahashi wall paper, I will put it in the dinning room, my husband , son and I spent lot’s of time there so it will be fantastic to look at that beautiful wall paper. I love the little details, the black and white is perfect!


  9. sarah nadine says:

    oh fir forest, how i love thee!
    in my new little’s nursery, so cute you’d be.
    to elizabeth i say, ‘pick me, pick me’
    how i’d love to feel surrounded by such pretty trees.


  10. bmo says:

    Mogu vill jag vinna, jättegärna…HOPPASHOPPASHOPPAS!!!!

  11. Melissa Parnell says:

    Jag tycker att K Murphy’s tapet i gult är fantastisk fin och jag skulle bli så glad om jag vann!!

  12. Emilia says:

    Jag älskar Klaras “Scallops” och skulle vilja tapetsera i mina barns rum med den!

    Alla tapeterna är underbara och tack för all inspiration!


  13. I would LOVE to win the Colorform (monogreen)by Kindra Murphy! The color is cozy and the illustrations make me think of long walks in the woods. I can think of nothing better for my little home in the city (San Francisco) than this little piece of nature. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life and the opportunity to bring a part of beautiful Sweden into my life. Hugs and love, b

  14. Caroline says:

    When I first saw Cecilia Pettersson’s Fir Forest wallpaper on instagram, my heart stopped beating for 2 seconds. It’s really all that i ever wanted on my walls. How could she have known?. I can not describe how much I would love to win this wallpaper! <3

  15. Marjolaine says:

    I’d love to win Kindra Murphy’s Colorform in Yellow or Mint… Not sure yet! Looks classic but so cute and whimsical! The perfect wallpaper for my entryway! :)

  16. Anna Hjert says:

    Mogu i mitt kök

  17. Claire a says:

    How exciting! I’d love to win cecilia Patterson’s Fir Tree wallpaper. We’re staying with my parents whilst saving for a deposit and it’d be lovely to look forward to putting it up!

  18. Annemari says:

    I’d like to win Klara Bothén’s Scallops. I have that print as a card on my wall and I absolutely love it.

  19. Tonje Lea says:

    Oh, how I love Fir Forest wallpaper!

  20. Oh, I fell in love with Cecilia Pettersson’s Fir Forest and I have a corner at home that screams ” over here !!”. It’s at the end of a super long corridor, that would fit perfectly.

  21. Isabel says:

    Oh my gosh but they are all so beautiful how can I decide! I think that my favourite is Kindra Murphy’s Colorform – it is so interesting from far away as well as close up and the colour is simply perfect.

    I love them all though!


  22. trina says:

    I’d love to win fir forest. i’m in love with it…and 22nd july is my birthday :)
    xo . t

  23. Diana says:

    All of them are fantastic, but I would love to win Mogu Takahashi’s wallpaper.

  24. Loni says:

    I’m in love with (and would love to win :) ) Klara Bothén’s Scallops. I have a white victorian fireplace and have always been on the lookout for a wallpaper to compliment either side. I love the simplicity and the playfulness that comes across in this print.

  25. Ulrika says:

    Jag har letat såå länge efter en tapet som Fir Forest. Jag blev så otroligt glad när jag såg den på instagram så jag gick direkt till datorn och loggade in på Den skulle bli så fantastiskt fin som fondvägg hemma hos oss. En skön blandning mellan verklighet och tapet :-)

  26. Jenny says:

    Can I just press “Like” for the whole project idea? I take my hat of for all the artists. Beautiful work, well done! My favorite choice of wall though would have to be one with Steffie Brocoli’s Wooden Village on.

  27. Ibi Cohen says:

    Oh so hard to choose… But my favorite has to be Cecilia Pettersson’s Fir Forest… How could something so modern and graphic and black and white be so full of fantasy, so promising for excitement and mystery. Love that.

  28. N says:

    Fir Forest – fröjd för ögat!

  29. The wooden village is so wonderful for a kids room but Monogreen would be fabulous in our entryway!!!!

  30. Madelene says:

    MOGU är min favorit! Framförallt för att det är så fint med en tapet som hjälper till att bejaka barnet i en. Det känns viktigt att behålla lekfullheten i allt jag gör – MOGU skulle hjälpa till :)

  31. a says:

    i fell in love with Klara Bothén’s Scallops
    Mogu Takahashi’s Mogu is great too
    but in the end all of them are wonderful

  32. Laura Gauthier says:

    I really love Cecilia Petterson’s Fir Forest! There is a maturity in the monochromatic scheme and yet a playfulness. It’s the little kid in my that wants to get lost in there!

  33. Jodie says:

    Mogu’s wallpaper is just so fun, it would have to be her’s. They are all so great though! xxx

  34. Megan Lundberg says:

    When I first saw steffie brocolis ‘Wooden Village’ I was immediately smitten! It’s so perfect. We are moving to a new home this weekend and it’ll be perfect in my 6 year olds room!

  35. Hi, they are all quite lovely but I’d really be super pleased to win Fir Forest, by Cecilia Pettersson. There is something about woods that fascinates me, it would look great as a backdrop to our bed or maybe in the sleeping room. Fingers crossed :-) and thank you very much!

  36. Anna says:

    Oh i’m in love with the Fir Forest wallpaper! It would be perfect for our new home in the Netherlands… Ofcourse in the living room, so everyone can see! Fingers crossed!

  37. Ulrika says:

    Yepp! Jag är med!

  38. Emmy says:

    Som du kanske förstår av vår tidigare mejlkonversation är Wooden Village min absoluta favorit. Är kär. Den skulle se så himla snygg ut i ett av gästrummen i min sommarstuga.

  39. Eugenia says:

    I would Love To Win wooden-Village.
    So beautiful!it’s great For my new home! ❤

  40. Clara says:

    Vi har köpt ett hus som vi just ni renoverar. Tapeten mogu skulle passa perfekt i vår dotter Ellas rum!

  41. Sue says:

    Ooh How to choose! they are all so different, so gorgeous and each works of art! If i had to choose, it would be Cecilia Pettersson’s Fir Forest – it’s an escape on a wall! Love it! (fingers crossed!)

  42. jenna says:

    oh, i love them all, i just have to enter! “wooden village” is definitely my favorite. i fell in love with it the moment i saw it, so perfect! lovely giveaway, e!

  43. Claire Loder says:

    It’s got to be Mogu.. I like how it asks your eye to move across it from left to right like reading a story.

  44. elisa says:

    Fir Forest is my pick! They are all wonderful. Thanks so much for the contest.

  45. Veronique says:

    It’s funny everything about the ‘fir forest’speaks to me and incarnate my universe, yet strangely my favourite is ‘scallops’ which couldn’t be more different. I find its simplicity hypnotic and so very calming. Also it is the doodle I always catch myself doing – but obviously not as nice nor big!-

  46. Marie says:

    I love Mogu’s wallpaper so much!!

  47. Marielvira says:

    This is so amazing! my husband and I love to win SCALLOPS by KLARA BOTHÉN.. we think it would look so beautiful in our small house..
    Thank you so much
    Have a nice day! :)

  48. Jessie says:

    Alla är helt underbara men jag fastnar för Fir Forest, en inspirerande skog där man kan dagdrömma sig bort….

  49. Loes says:

    Such a beautiful selection, Elisabeth. I’d love Cecilia Pettersson’s Fir Forest on the walls of my new home.

  50. Aurora says:

    The fir forest one, please! I like the contrast of the color simplicity with complex design.

  51. sara says:

    i’d go for the scallops!

  52. Maria Svärd says:

    Det är svårt att välja en:) Men Mogu Takahashi’s “Mogu” gör mig så glad. Hoppas hoppas..

  53. maja says:

    Georgeus collection and finest selection! Thought Woden village is really cute, dont know where i could put it but for magical Fir forest I know just a right spot for it. Greetings by Maja

  54. maria says:

    I love the wooden village Elizabeth. I think the whole collections is great but I like this one in particular :)

  55. Anne-Sophie says:

    I´d love to win the “Fir Forest”! It reminds me of secret stories and the time spent by reading books and diving into new worlds.
    Would be perfect for the one ugly wall I will be dealing with in my new home soon.

  56. Anna Jones says:

    When staying with my grandparents as a child I used to lie in bed and find faces and objects in the swirling floral wallpaper that hung in “my” bedroom…. endless musings….
    I have loved your curation of each of these wallpapers, you have put them together so beautifully. THANK YOU for the visual treat.
    For me, I think it would have to be Mogu’s wallpaper, although it is a difficult choice, but I can imagine once again spending time finding new things each time I look.

  57. Judy says:

    Mogu will be perfect for my little one’s room who is turning to one yeaer old next month. I am planning to decorate his room soon.

  58. May says:

    I would probably choose Takahashi’s Mogu for my son’s bedroom. We live in new build housing association flat, not our preferred choice a cube with no interesting period features but thats life. A quirky characterful wallpaper would give one room at least a bit of much needed character.

  59. tiffany says:

    I LOVE the fir forest wallpaper! I grew up in the north in a country setting and spend my childhood essentially playing outdoors in the woods. This wallpaper brings me back to that time fondly, and I can appreciate the fresh air, smells, sounds and beauty even more as an adult living in the urban jungle :)

  60. Sanna says:

    Steffie Brocoli’s Wooden Village. Oooooo!

  61. Lynn says:

    After constant back and forth between Scallops and Mogu, I think I’m gonna go with Mogu. The little doodles really speak to me and reminded me of the kind of feeling I get when I used to doodle as a child. It makes me feel that nothing is impossible and we are only limited by our lack of imagination. Great collection! =)

  62. Karen Barbé says:

    I’m in for Klara Bothén’s Scallops. I’d feel like living in a sort of Hansel and Gretel’s log cabin.

  63. Rosa Souza says:

    I would love to win Fir forest by Cecilia Pettersson. It’s dramatic, it’s black and white, it’s a whole-wall-piece-of-art. I just love it!

  64. Sian says:

    I would love to win ‘Fir Forest’ for my 16 year old sons room which desperately needs a make over.
    He is going into his final year of school and does fine black ink drawings himself which remind me of this. I like the idea of him having a ‘forest’ to retreat into when he is relaxing in his room.

  65. Klara Bothén’s Scallops! It was love when first I saw those soft skirted edges. Sweet idea — tack!

  66. Kylie says:

    Oh my goodness, so exciting! :) I just love FIR FOREST by Cecilia Pettersson. I love the drama of it but also it’s so fresh and modern. Fantastic giveaway Elisabeth :) Kx

  67. Helenb says:


    I dont know why I love this but I do!!!! I think they are all beautiful and would have nay of them but I feel scallops would suit my little house by the sea. It reminds me of the scalloped shells we have here.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Helenb x

  68. Kirsty Lush says:

    A lovely giveaway, so hard to pick a favourite. I would have to go with Scallops, love the moody greys, would be perfect for my daughter Matilda when she moves out of the nursery into her big girl room!

  69. SvenSvenja says:

    Scallops Scallops Scallops, looking like a rainy day with sun tucked below, or maybe a theater curtain, and somehow also suitable to a bakery. And then having a name reminding us of the sea. —> I like scallops a lot! And Ive never wallpapered in my life before, but I just tore down all of the gruesome German wood-speckled white wallpaper from my room, now it has naked walls. And those would quite adore a little skirt with scallops pattern on, tack tack they would say!

  70. sevda says:

    i would like to get fir forest for our future dream home. I’m in love with this pattern since the first time you showed it to us! It’s haunting.

  71. Mette says:

    I fell in love with K. Murphy’s Colorform. Classic, but at the same time new and fun!

  72. Lazy Animals says:

    Such a difficult choice! They are all so beautiful. My favorite Mogu Takahashi’s Mogu, I love that it’s funny as well as beautiful, and would look great in our kitchen!

  73. velda says:

    Though they are all very beautiful the one that has captured my heart is Klara Bothén’s Scallops. I would feel as if I were living in the eye of a perfect storm and when I awoke each morning I would think to my self “Now I will believe that there are unicorns…”

  74. Kim Welling says:

    I love the Mogu wallpaper! We are decorating our nursery and looking for the ‘not to sweet baby stuff’. The colors we’ven chosen are green, ocre yellow and I was thinking about a blach and white wallpaper. So this wallpaper would look great in our little one’s first bedroom!

  75. margot says:

    i would love to win Steffie Brocoli’s Wooden Village. it is so so charming and would look great in my new apartment!! pick me!!

  76. ida says:

    Vi har precis köpt vårat drömhus, så dyker dessa UNDERBARA tapeter upp, mitt i renoveringskaoset. Jag skulle för allt i världen vilja vinna Kindra Murphys Colorform, den skogsgröna, magnifik!

  77. Sarah says:

    Im in love with the Mogu wallpaper. I would love to hang that one in my hallway ! Have a nice day !

  78. Mij says:

    Far away in Australia, Fir Forest made me instantly homesick for Central Finland. Each morning we used to look out kitchen window across to the forest. How lovely to see this on the wall each day, like a glimpse of the real thing.

  79. Kate says:

    I’d love to have Cecilia Pettersson’s Fir Forest in our living room. It would give us a view of the forest in our little London flat and make it feel a little bit bigger.

  80. Anne Schäfer says:

    Tjena!!These Wallpapers are so great!!! It´s not easy to choose one. But as I`m having a “I love Nature so much” mood at the time, I would love to win the beautiful Fir Forest by Cecilia Pettersson.I love the black and white and the pattern, wonderful illustration.
    Finelittleday, it´s always nice to look at your blog. Makes me feel good! Greets to sweden :-)

  81. serena says:

    They are all beautiful but I fell in love with cream coloured paper with the tiny details of MOGU – by MOGU TAKAHASHI. I just love her style.

  82. Afke Spies says:

    Ooh nice give-away:) i would really love to have the Fir Forest by Cecilia Pettersson. I would like it for our livingroom, on the wall where i can’t hang any pictures/paintings because we’re getting a big see through sliding door. When the door opens you can see the wallpaper through the door…so cool. I really like this design its a good one.

    goodbye and congratulations with your 15 years together!

  83. Agata says:

    I’t totally into the black&white Mogu Takahashi’s wallpaper. So much fun! It will look so great in our boy’s room.
    thank you for the chance.

  84. catherine h says:

    I would love to win the Mogu wallpaper as my sister-in-law is pregnant and looking to redecorate the spare room as a nursery and the images and designs of this paper would be brilliant for this and make her sooooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!

  85. Hannah T. says:

    Each an every design is beautiful, but Steffie Brocoli’s Wooden Village would be the perfect fit for the nursery of my little man arriving in September! Thanks for having a fun giveaway…

  86. Pom van Es says:

    Oh my.. Kindra Murphy’s Colorform is just deliciously perfect voor our hallway. Me and my cat spend the past week scraping the old wallpaper off, and now it deserves a gorgeous new coating that shouts ‘welcome!’ to all who enter.

  87. Erica. S says:

    Ooooooh Mogu!!!!!!! What magic! Of course I want a forest of trees on my walls with scooting , skateboarding and weight-lifting…… its all kinds of awesome ! I just want to climb right into that scene and start whistling a merry tune as I whizz around the forest trees dodging cute birds and spotty cats.

  88. Ohhh I would like to win Kindra Murphy’s Colorform. I will put it in my studiospace, where I love to have something new and beautiful!

  89. Deborah Beau says:

    I love them all, really! However, after sharing with her brother for years, my daughter Savannah is getting her own bedroom this summer and I know Klara’s Scallops design would look fabulous with the dark grey and white walls she has in mind.

  90. LAPO says:

    M is for meow
    O is for overjoy
    G is for glamorous and gorgonzola
    U is for undistinguishable

  91. Cella says:

    Hello :-)

    I am inviting Mogu Takahashi’s Mogu wallpaper to come and live with me/us in our house by the Adriatic sea. We will have some great adventures together! Surly it is clear that it is our destiny
    to meet and share a life together! :D

  92. Nicky lewis says:

    I would just love to win Steffie Brocolis’s wooden village wallpaper. Perfect for my little boy, Rex’s, bedroom in our new house.

  93. Surya says:

    Fir forest, please!

  94. Carol says:

    I love fir forest!

  95. Susan says:

    Such lovely papers! They have definitely inspired me to give wallpaper a chance. It’s a tough choice but I think I’d go with Steffie Brocoli’s wooden village. It seems perfect for a shared boy/girl bedroom!

  96. Dada Leeds says:

    It is hard to say which is my favorite they are all fabulous.
    But I think if I really had to pick it would be Fir Forest
    I think living with that day to day would be terrific!!

  97. meghan says:

    Just spent 5 minutes waffling between the options…so difficult, but it’s going to have to be Mogu Takahashi’s Mogu.

  98. Anna Johnson says:

    All of the wallpapers in the collection are great, but Mogu Takahashi’s Mogu is my favorite. It looks really nice from a distance and is so fun up close. I love love the three little people all in a row and the pigheaded scooter guys! It would be perfect for my daughter’s book nook.

  99. Chez Chouke says:

    Oh my I love the Fir Forest! It would look great on the wall close to my big handmade wooden tree. Thank you for this great giveaway!

  100. Silke says:

    My favourite is Cecilia Pettersson’s FIR FOREST. Yes, this is it. Super naturell and fantastic.

  101. Grace says:

    I would love Klara Bothén’s Scallops. It would look perfect in my room!

  102. carla says:

    Uauu! I showed to my kids, they got crazy, wonderful work!
    It’s hard to pick just one, ohh,ok, ok, Wooden Village.

  103. lisa Jeannin says:

    oh la la

    I would be so happy to win kindras colorform in green
    it is soothing and claming yet there is excitement in it
    perfect for my dream-library
    where i would have all my books, LP-records , put on a record and sit in the old rockingchair reading or looking at images immersed in this neverending green hillsides.

  104. Julia says:

    That’s my Choice!
    For the Hallwag or the bedroom!

  105. sonia pulido says:

    please, please, please!!!!

  106. anouk deijkers says:

    I would like to win the Fir Forest by Cecilia Pettersson. Would love to let the nature enter my house with this wallpaper!

  107. Aline says:

    They are all so lovely! Can’t decide between Mogu’s or the Fir Forest as my favorite…

  108. jennifer says:

    i love them all, but my very favorite is the fir forest by cecilia pettersson. i know just where i would put it in my living room, and it would be perfect! thank you for the chance to win!

  109. Julie says:

    Thank you it’s such a great giveaway. I would love to win the scallops wallpaper. It would look great in our dining room. x

  110. Hanni says:

    <a href="Eeeeee that's a hard choice".
    but I am tempted most by the Colorform Mint. Its my downright winner of pattern and colourway. Its lovely; pinky warm with a minty kick. I'm dreaming now of seeing it everyday. However, as I have only ever put up woodchip wallpaper (when I was 8 years old!) I'd be a bit nervous about hanging it!

    Thanks all the designers and the curator for a lovely collection

  111. Sofia Vidner says:

    Hej, jag har alltid tyckt att Mogu Takahashi’s kreationer är så fantastiska! Och när jag såg tapeten Mogu häromdagen tyckte jag att även den var, fantastisk! Man kan inte bli annat än glad när man ser den och den kan få pryda mina barns rum. Allt gott! // Sofia Vidner

  112. hanne says:

    i love them all but love to have a wall in my amsterdam family house with the ‘scallops’!

  113. Hanna says:

    I love colorform and mogu!

  114. Laura says:

    I would loveto win Mogu Takahashi’s “Mogu” wallpaper! I just moved into a bigger studio and her design would be a perfect fit to add some whimsy to my workspace! :)

  115. heather says:

    Oh I love the Scallops (although a close second for me is the Colourform Series!)! The Scallops are so classic in hues of grey and black being stripey but not too stripey! Wonderful collection- well-done to all that were curated!

  116. Licia says:

    I would love to win cecilia pettersson wallpaper… it would be perfect for my linving room, thank you!

  117. Mairead says:

    Amazing wallpapers and I love Cecilia Pettersson’s Fir Forest , so beautiful

  118. Harriet says:

    Gosh what an opportunity! I’ve been admiring this project from afar and especially love kindra’s ‘colourform’. The muted, mossy colours are lovely and I really like the way it charades as a serious old-fashioned wallpaper but is in reality very playful!

  119. Anita veres says:

    Wooden village, det är min favorit.

  120. jess west says:

    wooden vilage, the perfect fairytale land, imagine going to sleep looking at that for your imagination to run wild! I want to make a story up about the people that live there. love love love

  121. kristen rudduck says:

    The wooden village would be divine in my little boys room.
    A delightful collection.

  122. Lise says:

    A fir forest in my Sydney beach home? Yes please one fine day, take me there.

  123. Vero brochard says:

    I would love a Fir Forest in my living room. It would be a small part of the sweedish forest here in south west France.
    Anyway this collection is gorgeous and thanks a lot for your inspiring blog.

  124. ezra says:

    My favorite is Mogu’s work, very playful and harmonic as well.
    The others are also really nice, good choices.
    Best Ezra

  125. Cristina says:

    I added this lovely village to my Pinterest and didn’t know it was a wallpaper! Steffie Brocoli’s Wooden Village is the nicer wallpaper ever!

  126. Sigfrid says:

    I would love to win Fir forest by Cecilia Pettersson.

  127. jane says:

    I’m totally blown away by all this talent…they are all so beautiful. I find them very inspiring.Thank you for collaborating Elizabeth with such talent and doing such wonderful wallpapers.If i had to choose a favorite it would be
    the fir forest by Cecilia Pettersson.Fir forest has a marvelous presence and serenity and very bold
    I love it!

  128. Danijela says:

    i’d be delighted to have Steffie Brocoli’s Wooden Village on my wall, would make my little London flat more cheerful! :-)

  129. Narelle says:

    Wooden Village! My daughter and I would have a lot of fun adding people, trees etc to it.

  130. Magda says:

    Hi,I already have Mogu’s poster in my sons’ bedroom which I love, and I follow her work, so Mogu wallpaper is my favourite!!Cheers!

  131. Siobhan S. says:

    Hi there, absolutely love Cecilia Pettersson’s Fir Forest! It is such a statement wallpaper and would look great in my boys bedroom!

  132. Claire says:

    I love kindra’s colourform in monogreen – but yes they are all fantastic.

  133. annie lawson says:

    These wallpapers are so lovely and inspiring – to live with the work of an artist on the walls is a gift. I am completely charmed by all of them but my favorite is Kindra Murphy’s colorform in monogreen.

  134. Carolina Garcia says:

    Cecilia Pettersson’s Fir Forest is TO DIE FOR! I would definitely pick that one if I won!

  135. Lise says:

    A forest of firs to embrace my entryway.

    This is the magic I want to come home to,

    She’ll greet me each day and sweep me away.

  136. Polly says:

    FIR FOREST – CECILIA PETTERSSON would make the perfect wallcovering for our entrance hall. I love it, though I’m also very drawn to the Kindra Murphy’s Colorform. What a fabulous selection.

  137. Caisa says:

    Åhhh!! Milde guds moder!
    Jag önskar mig den med Dennis på!
    Eller jag menar den han sätter upp, skulle bli en frisk fläkt i vårt färgkaos.

  138. Katarina Wanselius says:

    Cecilia Pettersson’s Fir Forest would add love and adventure to the small 50′s cottage by lake Vättern that we are curently restoring back to life. It’s magical!
    *Fingers crossed*

  139. Sanna says:

    Wonderful collection, wonderful giveaway! I’m sure Scallops by Klara Bothén would look absolutely amazing on just about any wall in our new home, so fingers crossed! :)

  140. MFree says:

    I would love to win the Scallops paper for our bedroom! It’s perfect!

    Thank you!

  141. Elsa says:

    I would love to see Cecilia Pettersson’s Fir Forest wallpaper on my bedroom wall! I could think of Midsummer in Sweden all the time!

  142. Hi,

    What a stunning work you create with such a beautiful patterns and colours! Just love your work. It’s very inspiring. If there would be an opportunity to work to together, I would do right away!
    I like patterns very much, but would choose Mogu Takahashi’s. (for our boy’s room..)

    All the best and please keep us posted with your work!
    warm wishes,

  143. chloe says:

    The wooden village would be the PERFECT touch I’ve been looking for my new living room!

  144. mirnalma says:

    oh i’d love to have a wall with the Cecilia Patterson ‘s one ! The fir forest , so beautiful but i love them all !

  145. Shannon says:

    Wow, Fir Forest is such a statement!

  146. petra says:

    Forest fir!
    Love it

  147. Noortje says:


  148. piia says:

    i just love forest fir! and i’m going to smalland next tuesday for 5 weeks, woohoo! can’t wait to get there!

  149. christine says:

    I love them and it is difficult to choose but my preferred is the Steffie Brocoli’s wallpaper. It corresponds to my universe. Then I cross fingers and thank you for giveway!

  150. Susanne Boström says:

    Min favorit är Mogu Takahashi’s “Mogu”. Vilket fint mönster!


  151. Susanne Boström says:

    Min favorit är Mogu Takahashi’s “Mogu”.
    Vilket underbart mönster!


  152. meike says:

    * Bom dia fine little day *

    We love Steffie Brocoli’s Wooden Village!
    I would love to give it as a beautifull gift to my sister,
    who i love so much ;>
    * meike *

  153. Marina says:

    A lovely collection of wallpaper! My favourite is the COLORFORM MONOGREEN – KINDRA MURPHY. I would use it in my power room/laundry that I am planning on renovating. I think it would look great with black and white tiles I have in mind and I like dark wallpapers in small spaces.

  154. Ellen de Vries says:

    I absolutely adore the ‘Wooden Village’ wallpaper. It’s almost worth having a child just to put it to good use! :)

  155. anna says:

    I am about to change houses, Fir forest by Cecilia Pettersson would combine perfect with my stuff! (But they are all great really, thanks for finding them!)

  156. natalie says:

    Love fir forest and the way it looks like framed art when seen from an adjoining room

  157. LamDoornbos says:

    oeoeoeoe I’ll picks Mogu Takahashi’s Mogu: her drawings make me dance of joy. And Kindra Murphy’s Colorform cos how closer you get to the wallpaper, you get suprice with the lovely drawings.

  158. MariaSophia says:

    Oh, what a great giveaway! I simply love Steffie Brocoli’s Wooden Village <3

  159. nan happ says:

    Wallpaper #4 Fir Tree makes my heart sing. I would be like having your own painted mural. We live in a fir tree grove and this would bring the outside in.

  160. Maria Capion says:

    Before the night settles in I must tell why I would love to have Fir Forest on my wall. First of all I fell in love with the poster when I saw it on FLD’s shop. Today I’m a little bit glad that I couldn’t find the money to but it. I mean, what a wonderful universe it can bring to a home in a big scale like this! I’m buildning up a new home for a little newborn girl. When I saw the Fir Forest wallpaper I startes to imagine telling and making up stories for my girl when she’s older. It’s the perfect setting for imagination. Fingers crossed.

  161. Nikki says:

    the Fir Forest by Cecilia Pettersson -v-

    sleeping admid a tove jansson dream
    a cosy getaway.. This wallpaper would make my little room heaven

  162. Catarina says:

    This is hard…I love both Mogu and the wooden village. If I have the chance to win I’ll choose later:) Tack Elisabeth, for this great giveaway!

  163. jana says:

    i would love the scallops! they are all beautiful though.

  164. your are so good
    when I was a kid my parents let me pick my own wallpaper..
    that was fun ..I have to look for some old photos.
    I can tell you my taste was different,lol

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