We do not necessarily worry, but we are thinking a lot. About how things will be when the little one comes. As I understand it Brittish Shorthair is a tolerant and “easygoing breed of cat”. And the Devon Rex prefers company. The prospects are good, she is a she + she is a kitten. We will phase them together, step by step. That’s how you suppose to do it, right?

I’m also wondering if the Monstera leaf will survive. It’s been a week now.

Take a look at Mogu Takahashi’s doodle’s and be inspired!


13 Responses to Wonder

  1. Silvia says:

    I’m sure everything will go fine with the introduction. I was worried too, but in the end everything turned out fine with my 2 cats. Although they weren’t too fond of each other the first few days ;-)

    Great doodles btw!

  2. Kristy says:

    First impressions are everything. I kept my kitten behind closed doors for about a week so my other cat could smell her before he saw her. When he got used to her scent, seeing her was not so traumatic. Then, they had small, sort of supervised visits. My big cat gave the kitten a tiny scratch on the nose which I cleaned with alcohol and everything was fine. I also gave them pleasant things while they were together (tuna, catnip).

    It’s worth the effort to take it slow. Whatever you do, don’t just put the kitten in front of Hiro right away. Doing it right will establish peaceful, loving cats who will sleep together and play together. Good luck!

    • Elisabeth / Fine Little Day says:

      Thanks for valuable tips Kristy. That is our aim – to take one step/day at a time. Mix their scents and distract them a bit when meeting the first time.

  3. Charlyn says:

    I’m super excited for you and your family, dear E!
    Awww, I am certain Hiro will love the new kitten. :)

    Here is a link someone posted on my FB page that you might find amusing…

  4. Laura Bear says:

    Oh this kitty! I am sure they will become very close if you introduce them like you said you will.
    I love the pics inside your home and life. Always pretty and interesting. good luck with mr.leaf!

  5. Elisabeth / Fine Little Day says:

    You’re too kind Laura ;)

  6. bmo says:

    underbar kattunge…och klotterboken och musiken till…dina inlägg är balsam för själen…

  7. Nalle says:

    The kitten is a beauty.

  8. Helenb says:


    such a cutey……………in my experience of cats and I have had them all my life your situation of older male cat and female kitten fares the best.
    Hiro will love having a friend and the smaller kitty will know Hiro as the leader.

    Cant wait to see the new furry baby


  9. Sandy says:

    What a stunning post. An eye fest for sure! All the best with your move.

  10. Cindy Taylor says:

    It will take time to get used to each other, But i think they are going to love it. Just keep patience. All the best for you.

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