The handmade floor mats

Where ever you go here in Sri Lanka you see these kind of floor mats. The mats are mainly made by women at home by old textiles. They cut strips of fabrics and sew it on a piece of thicker, often in denim textile. Found similar ones when we were in Vietnam a couple of years ago. I know they can be found in Indonesia as well. Reminds of the crocheted mats made by old plastic bags.

Also made by recycled bags.

How to Make a Rug from Plastic Grocery Bags.

Wonkyworld, blog about quilts.


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  1. Maria Eugênia Caminha says:

    Hey Elizabeth, this post reminded so much of my Brazil! We have two very similar techniques, called “fuxico” and “retalho”. They are commonly associated with poor people, as they produce these kind of mats (and other things) in order to make a living. Very common in the northeast. If you Google “tapete de retalhos”, you might understand. These ones from Sri Lanka are nicely made, very pretty! In Brazil, they go either super cute or super bad. haha ;) x

  2. · { Love these … take care, and just love all this pics from Sri Lanka … xxoo Sabine } ·

  3. grazia says:

    I sent you an email… please consider this request is urgent ;-)

  4. Nicole Eitel says:

    They look great! This is a technique that my grandma has teached me as well. I use it for lavender bags, my grandma didi quite big carpets. You can have a look here for example:

  5. Iris says:

    I’m not sure if you are still in Sri Lanka, can’t find a date on your blog (but haven’t looked too hard).
    If you still plan to spend a day or so in Colombo, do go and see Barefoot. It is a lovely (traditional yet modern) handwork shop in a lovely location with the loveliest inner court tearoom. It was my favourite shop in Sri Lanka and I’m still dreaming about it and use their fabrics in my home every day!
    Enjoy, Iris

    • Elisabeth says:

      Hi Iris, we are still here. Will not have time for Colombo this time though unfortunately. But since we’ve fallen crazy in love with this country we hope to be able to come back soon. I will save your tip for the future. Thank you

  6. bmo says:

    så fina och du har ett litet lager på balkongen…

  7. Charlyn says:

    Love them!
    They are *so* you as well, dear E!
    What a wonderful adventure you must be having!

  8. artehammocks says:

    Nice floormats. Have a look at brazilian hammocks

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