Your best tips wanted

I know that I’m not the only cat lover who feel guilty about depriving the indoor cat of natural instincts, sunshine and fresh air. Even if there are statistics that indicate that indoor cats have a longer life and better health, the lack of (?) physical and mental stimulation is a concern. Our cat (Devon Rex) is a curious one, move a vase and he will be busy for half an hour. But the truth is he is not the easiest one to play with. Any tips on cat games are welcome.

Jumbo Teacup Kitten.
What do you know about Kitten Marshmallow, are they really that small?


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  1. Tim says:

    Laser pointer action would be may best tip. Cats seem to go crazy for them small red dots.

  2. Elisabeth says:

    Thanks Tim. We had a laser pointer once. Get a new one, is on the list!

  3. Suzy Jones says:

    Surely they are not that small… It is obviously playing in a giants slipper :)

  4. Louise says:

    Har ni badkar? Sätt ner katten där (utan vatten såklart) och putta ner en pingisboll. Mycket roande!

  5. Nancy says:

    Devon Rex’s are so inquisitive and clever, We used to have a one who liked to play ‘fetch’ with a smelly old catnip mouse toy.

  6. Kylie says:

    Our cat Sammy doesn’t like to play… I think all cats are different. Maybe Hiro is happy with things just the way they are? :) Kx

  7. natasha says:

    Have you considered building him an enclosure? At least out at your summer home. Here are some good idea –

  8. bmo says:

    mina brukar leka i hemlighet och blir generade när jag upptäcker vad de gör…så han kanske leker i smyg när ingen är hemma. väldigt söt och en sån bra fotomodell!

  9. Eeva says:

    I once caused a day-long excitement by moving my armchair from one end of the room to the other. Cat toys are no hit. Small paper or folio balls, plastic juice carton caps though – oh my!

  10. Charlyn says:

    Am in love with the jumbo teacup kitten of course! ;D

    I’m not a cat expert, but Fig Newton prefers those crinkly balls but I’m sure Hiro already has some of those already….?! :O

  11. Jill says:

    My cats like cardboard shoeboxes. They also love tissue paper crunched up all over the floor. They like to hide in it and play
    with their catnip mouse and then rest in the shoebox.

  12. Chez chouke says:

    I have the same problem here, a lazy sweet old cat. Only thing she gets active with is a toy with catnip. Or a little hazelnut to roll with on the ground. Sorry, I’m not very helpful, am I? Good luck!

  13. Lotte says:

    Vi släpper ut katten på loftgången….det räcker tydligen, idag tog han en koltrast :-(

  14. Elisabeth / Fine Little Day says:

    It’s individual of course, what kind of games cats enjoy the most. All new ideas are welcome, so thanks for the tips folks!

  15. Cina says:

    Ta in en björk!
    Snyggt och roligt!

  16. Lena says:

    Vi har en katt som var helt oerhört rastlös och satt innanför ytterdörren och skrek hjärtskärande om man så slutade leka med henne i 2 minuter. Så när jag torkat mina samvetestårar så åkte vi till djurskyddet och hämtade ännu en liten en.

    Det var ett HELVETE i början, med mycket slagsmål, men nu när chocken är över så fungerar det så vansinnigt bra. Vår första lilla katt blev på en gång mycket tryggare och lugnare, och har dessutom någon att leka med. Vår nya visade sig vara en riktig charmör med så mycket personlighet, och vi kan inte tänka oss en dag utan henne.

    Men om en till katt inte är ett alternativ så är laserpekaren det enda som egentligen fungerar hos oss. Just det, vår nya katt på riktigt stjäl de där små ståltråds/plast-grejerna man får för att hålla ihop brödpåsar när man köper dem. Tydligen har de perfekt friktion mot parketten, och hon har en gömma någonstans i lägenheten för tillfällen när vi är tråkiga (Läs: sover. Effektivare än väckarklocka).

    • Elisabeth / Fine Little Day says:

      Ja åh, en till. Tror att det hade varit fint. Vi är tre mot en nu i dagsläget. Kanske kanske framöver.

      Ståltrådsmojängerna, jamen visst. Ska inte underskatta de vardagliga tingen. Tops visade sig vara en höjdare här innan. Dock tröttnade han. Får leta upp en sån där mojäng.

  17. Anna says:

    Oh, I have this problem too! I have a little British shorthair whose attitude to moving can be variable.
    One of her all time favourites is a pompom made of cellophane (so it makes a wonderfully crinkling sound) which hangs on a piece of elastic off one of my door handles. We call it tennis, she loves batting it around. I now instinctively untangle it every time I walk sat the door.
    However, I live in Australia and it is still summertime here and NOTHING is as thrilling (apparently…) as chasing a fly around the apartment

  18. Hi Elizabeth. I live with the same house cat guilt, though know you’re right about the statistics. I keep wondering if she is extra grumpy because of it…she does like to play though (and has just jumped up my back because I’m not throwing things for her) toy de jour is the plastic top off a sports cap water bottle if you know what I mean.

  19. Sara says:

    beautiful portrait of Hiro. A leash for outside? Some cats like them, others rebel.

  20. Laura Amey says:

    Maybe Hiro needs a little friend? We have a Maine Coon that reminds me of Hiro, (but with lots of fur!) Georges is very territorial and I thought that bringing another cat in would be a disaster–it has turned out to be just the opposite. The two boys play together all the time, and Georges has even started to groom Howard!

    If you don’t want another kitty, I suggest ping pong balls.

  21. I know several cats, including mine, who really go in for hair bands, just the common wrapped elastic ones available (here) at the pharmacy. My cat will play fetch with them. Also, this is a great cat toy:
    Though my cat hisses at his.

  22. Helenb says:

    catnip infused toys they play but in a more loving euphoric way. For some rough play wear a suede workmans glove. Shadows and remote control toys also provide plenty of entertainment for everyone.


  23. Gemma says:

    Our cats’ favorite game is “ghost” – roll one piece of tissue into a ball, cover it with another tissue, tie the neck with a piece of thread, keeping a long tail on the thread. Then fly the ghost around the room, drag it slowly up furniture, put it in high places and make it move slowly. Our cats think it is a bird. They eventually pounce on it and shred it up. :)

  24. Cat Lover says:

    3 out of 5 cats at house love plastic springs – we had to get something that is water proof as toys are taken for drinks when kitties get thirsty – I guess they think the toy is thirsty too. The fat ones are the most popular and have been used for hours of fetch at a time. Hours. And they bring them to bed. Cardboard boxes = cat heaven on earth. Have one or two and hide toys and/or small treats inside. Feathery thing is always a hit, but we don’t have the room to properly let 5 cats launch themselves at it. Cat tree. I found one to DIY on the Net that is a plywood plank vertical with shelves offset going upward, mount the whole thing to the wall.

  25. Elisabeth / Fine Little Day says:

    So many good tips, thank you!

  26. Cindy says:

    If you’ve got an iPad, I highly recommend grabbing Cat Toys by Second Reality. My cats (even the usually unimpressed 19 year old) go mental for it.

  27. Meri says:

    We have also an indoor cat, she is 8 years old already, but loves to play a lot.
    She loves everything plastic, like plastic straws (always a hit) and cable straps / binders. Also little balls made of aluminium foil are a big fun.
    No toy that I buy is as good as the home made ones.
    And every cardboard box that comes to the house stays in the hallway for some days for the cat.
    I hope that helped.

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