Cilla Ramnek

Went to this lecture the other day, with Swedish artist Cilla Ramnek. It’s easy to feel sympathy not only for Cilla’s work but also for her attitude and perspective towards her work. Cilla embraces the irrational and see her own non-ability to take in too much information, and today’s technology (she works as completely computer-free), as a good thing. In times she works purely autistic according to her own words. You who have followed this blog fairly regularly, know my weakness for primitivism and outsider art. It came as no surprise that Cilla Ramnek is attracted by that genre of art as well. Although I assume that Cilla nor is completely self-taught nor suffer from any “extreme mental states”, her work has a clear kinship with the “tone” in good other art in my eyes. It feels unconventional, intuitive, therapeutic and totally manic. It draws me in like a magnet.

Cilla says she prefers to work without meaning and purpose. Free. But she also enjoy to take assignments. And she has had big ones over the years, for Ikea and Svenskt Tenn for example.

The balloon who suddenly appeared in the room when Cilla held her lecture.

Photos in this post are from the exhibition I visited earlier this year.

And Richard Pearse‘s work.

Singer (Anna Roxenholt) in the Swedish band New Found Land comes from my home town, Gothenburg. Here is a new song from the upcoming third album. The music has been described as “Ane Brun with a touch less opera, or Lykke Li with a bit more grit.”


7 Responses to Cilla Ramnek

  1. kim baise says:

    the wild quilted pattern drew me into your blog like a fly in a web! cilla’s work is amazing and i want to see more more more. i did not know of her before. thank you for sharing inspirational artist

  2. Octavie says:

    This is so beautiful. I love it.

  3. Kylie says:

    This is wonderful art! Thanks for showing it Elisabeth and I love that balloon too :) Kx

  4. bmo says:

    jaa, gillar,men tyget på den översta bilden…hur jag än grubblar kan jag inte komma på vad det var för plagg, för visst var det ett plagg och ett väldigt vanligt som många hade…HJÄLP!

  5. gretchen says:

    Thanks for sharing an interesting artist!

  6. magda says:

    I bought her book (Sticka Virka) years ago and has been worshiping it since then. I have not really done anything from the book but I enjoy it.

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