Beak Boots, stockings, snow

Finally some use for the Beak Boots I got myself about two years ago. And the newly bought stockings from Mocklis. We have snow.

The coming weekend there will be another Christmas market in Gothenburg, Järnjul (at Järntorget). Järnjul will gather 10 invited designers. I will be there.

Lördag 15 december kl. 10 – 16.00
Söndag 16 december kl. 11 – 16.00

(Photo by Tovalisa)

Semi-Circles Tape By Seventy Tree
Swedish Christmas cards and more by Leif Sodergren.
Traditional handmade Reed baskets from Portugal by TonioAbel, via Rike.
And Rike’s stamped fir blouse.


5 Responses to Beak Boots, stockings, snow

  1. Beautiful boots! And snow… how Christmassy

  2. deborah says:

    Love your stockings!

  3. silvia marta says:

    beautiful white, in my country we have sun during winter time

  4. Oh how I love those stockings :D

  5. Kylie says:

    Beautiful photos… and snow! How exciting :) Kx

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