As a blogger I’m priviliged enough to be able to peep in here and there and say hello to exciting people. Today I visited Jumperfabriken – a fashion brand with a passion for knitted wear.

Jumperfabriken is based here in Gothenburg and was founded in 2007 by Elisabeth Synnes and Tullis Zervakos. ”It was after browsing in our families’ old photo albums that idea for our company was born. Somehow the overall taste and style was better in the old days and it seems like there was always an excuse to dress up a little.”

Sustainable, timeless, feminine and nostalgic are some of the watchwords. The photo of Elisabeth’s mum (below) became their main inspiration.

Jumperfabriken has the habit of looking back in time for inspiration for their collections while preserving the old Nordic patterns and Swedish design. Erlier this year Jumperfabriken in cooperation with the Swedish printer textile company Ljungbergs, made clothes with Swedish design icon Stig Lindberg patterns “Bulbous” and “Mirror Flower”.

Om du bor i Göteborg, eller har vägarna förbi kan du kika in i Jumperfabrikens pop-up shop som öppnar nästa vecka på torsdag på Kristinelundsgatan, mittemot HDK.

Ett annat ställe ni ska besöka är Julforms pop-up shop som huserar en månad på Kyrkogatan 13 – En butik, en månad 25 formgivare. Öppnar på lördag (1 dec ) kl. 11.00!


3 Responses to Jumperfabriken

  1. caroline says:

    Tack för att ni tipsade om jumperfabriken. Så underbara kläder. Tänker åka til Göteborg och köpa en kofta.

  2. Very good to preserve old nordic parterns and swedish design! Interesting work.

  3. wow!
    I had a couple of those jumpers when I was little that my Mum knitted for me. It made me smile to think that someone is giving them new life.
    Thanks for sharing!


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