Calendar and Playwood news

There is a lot of calendars out there this time of the year. I like this one by Erik Olovsson. Buy it here.

I also like How are You‘s new Playwood Cabinet. And Playwood pillow.


4 Responses to Calendar and Playwood news

  1. Amielle says:

    That’s such a fun calendar! I love it. )

  2. bmo says:

    perfekt kalender…funderar allvarligt på att köpa en…om jag inte faller för den gamla vanliga lingonkalendern som jag använt sen urminnes tider…fast jag kan ju ha en Erik Olovsson och inte skriva nåt där…bara ha…jaaa

  3. barbara says:

    I love this calendar! Absolutely great! :)

  4. this is such a cool calendar!

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