Tyra von Zweigbergk + Maja Steen

Just can’t get enough of Tyra von Zweigbergk‘s illustrations. The photos above are from an exhibition at Lilla baren/Riche in Stockholm 23 October – 23 November, 2012. A collaboration between Tyra and another very talented illustrator, Maja Steen. Thank you Lena Sjöberg for borrowing me the photos. I love the window decorations. Reminds me of H.C. Andersen’s paper cut. More at Lenas’s blog.

Need this book with H.C. Andersen’s paper cuts by the way. Thanks for the tip Rike!

Above and under, Tyra von Zweigbergk‘s work.


10 Responses to Tyra von Zweigbergk + Maja Steen

  1. katie says:

    ha, what timing! i had just been reading about this collaboration and wishing i could see the window display in person. my two-year old daughter loves looking at tyra’s work. and why shouldn’t she? it’s so fun. thanks for posting about it. :D

  2. Inger Marie says:

    fantastic illustrations and window decorations!

  3. Flora says:

    I really love this, great to see glass being used more and more as a canvas.

  4. Gracia says:

    I love these. I think I especially love the simplicity behind them. The beautiful, well thought out, simplicity. Wonderful work shared, as always. Thanks for putting the pep back into my afternoon.

  5. Anna Maria says:

    Soooo lovely Elisabeth! I think paper cutting is one of my favourite art forms :)

  6. Saskia says:

    Wanted to blog about Tyra von Zweigbergk’s illustrations for ages, thank you for reminding me of her fantastic work and sharing these lovely decorations (thanks to Lena as well of course) :)

  7. Lovely!
    I adore your illustrations, could you please check out my blog and tell me what do you think about it please? :)

    Our Blog – F A S H I O N O X Y G E N

  8. saw them at lena’s too, so nice. very much something for you as well :)

  9. Jennifer says:

    the windows look so good, the last one is especially great.

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