Imaginary Animal Handsoap Giveaway*


Hello, we are David and Marie, the artists behind Imaginary Animal. We first corresponded through mail art, sending collaged postcards, typewritten letters and decorated packages back and forth over hundreds of miles. Now we share a small studio in Fort Wayne, IN where we have lots of fun creating artwork and designing new products.

First artists then designers, we enjoy developing products that are intriguing, useful and often humorous. Handsoap began as a sculpture by Marie which incorporated thousands of doll hands cast in soap… Now it’s our most popular product!

We are giving away a Handsoap Set: Eight assorted hands of various shapes and colors, meticulously handmade with vegetable glycerin soap. Hands range from ¾ – 2 inches tall and have a very light scent. They are packaged in a pretty green bag. A very handy gift!

We are also offering a discount for Fine Little Day readers: 15% off your entire purchase at Imaginary Animal! Enter coupon code FINE15 when checking out. (Good through October 26).

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To enter this giveaway please leave your comment in this post. The giveaway will be open to Monday 15 October. The winner will be picked by random. Good luck :)


Congratulations Eleonor, you won the Handsoap Set with your comment “Up with hands! With those lovely soaps it will be fun to look at the washstand.”
Thank you all of you who commented, and thank you to Imaginary Animal!


100 Responses to Imaginary Animal Handsoap Giveaway*

  1. shafina says:

    those are the cutest! off to check out their website now :)

  2. Polly says:

    Wow! These are so fun.

  3. Una says:

    I would not use these. They will stay on display.

  4. Very nice….
    super idea !
    hello Elisabeth…
    how I would like to be with you at the Mogu Show….
    best regards,

  5. Winnie Kwok says:

    I love the little hands. I really want to hold them all in my hands. They are so adoroble and FUN!!!

    Hands up and High Five… Yeah!

  6. Harriet says:

    Too cute!

    The picture with all hands together just brilliant.

  7. Oh! Perfect soaps for my small kids! Lovely.


  8. Birgitte says:

    What a great forest of hands!

  9. Sadhbh says:

    Oh! They are sooo cute! My small twins would love some to wash their own little hands with!

  10. sevda says:

    hah, love these:)

  11. Vanessa says:

    I like it so much!

  12. hanne says:

    ja takk! :)

  13. J says:

    creepy but pretty :D

  14. First of all, hope the Mogu show is a succes..and then for the soaps, a bit scarry and absolutely fantastic.

  15. holly blues says:

    Oh wow, these are brilliant! Pretty please pick me! I will give one to each of my sisters (I have four) then keep the rest for me! Xx

  16. mirnalma says:

    i love love love that !

  17. Christina says:

    What a wonderfully weird idea. I love them!

  18. Patricia says:

    these are great. and just creepy enough.

  19. Fanny says:

    super cute!

  20. Julie says:

    A little scary… and so surealistic.
    I love this!

  21. C SATHAL says:

    J’adore !! What a nice idea !!

  22. Wow! Its beutiful! I like it a lot!

  23. Lizzy says:

    They are tiny like a baby!

  24. Frida says:

    men ååååååh guuuu så fina – be-a-utifu-l!

  25. Adrienne says:

    I’m not usually one for fancy guest soaps, but these just crack me up.

  26. Irene says:

    I adore these soaps! I’ve been eyeing them for the longest time. Perhaps I’ll get lucky :)


  27. Sy Pie says:

    Clever! I could definitely use a hand.

  28. Jana says:

    These are crazy cute!

  29. Oh! I need these! I’ll put them in the shower when guests come over ;)

  30. despina sfakiotaki says:

    hi hi hi.. these are SO nice!

  31. Lisa says:

    They are so cute! I would really like to win something- the little things in life like this make me happy again :)

  32. Käären Schilke-Cherns says:

    I LOVE THEM! I want sooo badly to have them in my little soap dish that looks like a bathtub.

  33. Yvonne Cornell says:

    I put my hands together and applaud David and Marie for these clever little hand soaps. ADORE!! Yvonne :)

  34. leila says:

    Sooo cute, I would love these

  35. Suzy C says:

    I’ve wanted these little soaps for a long time ^_^ I hope I win!

  36. Grace says:

    So cute!

  37. susan b. says:

    wonderful and lovely!!!!! great shower gift!!!

  38. Erin says:

    I’ve ordered soaps from them. They are so fun and lifelike!

  39. paola says:

    love hands! what a nice idea

  40. Jutta says:

    So cute and funny!

  41. wow! this is awesome!

  42. Louise says:

    Amazing! I love those, and what a sweet story about your coming together.

  43. Reagan says:

    Adorable! Right in time for Halloween too!

  44. Neus says:

    Love those little hands!

  45. EM. Halliburton says:

    I love these. Great shop!

  46. Claire says:

    Fab idea, I’d love some hand soaps!

  47. Superfina! och samtidigt lite läskiga. Älskar dem!

  48. lorna says:

    Little hand soaps… clever….so funny!

  49. Sara says:

    Those are just too cute!

  50. Vesle Serena says:

    so nice! just my kind of thing :)

  51. Debbie says:

    That shot of all the hands reaching up reminds me of the scene from Labyrinth with the wall of hands. Surreal!

  52. Eleonor Ekström-Frisk says:

    Up with hands! With those lovely soaps it will be fun to look at the washstand.

  53. Marion says:

    Both playful and creepy. I love it!

  54. Jessica says:


  55. VALERIE says:

    Funny little hands, very cute, for a smile everyday in the bathroom.
    Cute, cute, cute…

  56. becky says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE those little hands!!!!

  57. Emma Krook says:

    Så fina!!!

  58. n finzer says:

    these would compliment my doll collections well ;)

  59. Liarns says:

    I need a hand! :)

  60. Linda says:

    Such nice soaps!

  61. Anna says:

    What a really fun and lovely idea, the picture of all the hands together look amazing!

  62. Shasta says:

    These hand soaps are cute creepy wonderful!

  63. bettka says:

    oh, i love these!

  64. Fanny says:


  65. Lexy says:

    Adorable! I love them!

  66. Ladaea says:

    Love these! Would definitely gift them to my siste-in-law; I can see them at home in her bathroom. Thanks for the giveaway!

  67. Sara says:

    Rock on!

  68. Claire F says:

    I would love to handle these cute soaps. Tip top!

  69. Sanna says:

    One of those ideas you wished you came up with yourself. Fantastic!

  70. Anna Hjert says:

    Fantastiskt fina fingrar!!!

  71. Åsa says:

    Håller tummarna för små tummar!

  72. Diana says:

    Haha, Hands down the best giveaway ever!

  73. Jeanne Kelly says:

    love them!!!

  74. Helenb says:

    I would love these would make great chrissy presents

    Helen :)

  75. laia says:

    high five for that awesome idea!

  76. Christa says:

    These are wonderful. I love all the colors!

  77. Brilliantly thought off!

  78. KarenL says:

    Beautiful! I’ve never seen such original little soaps! I have some plastic hands in my bathroom, this soapy hands would match them perfectly!

  79. Linda says:

    Ohhh älskar dessa tvålhänder!!!

  80. Stina says:

    These small baby soaphands are soooooooooo cute! I’d love to have them.

  81. Maria says:

    Love,love so cute hands.

  82. nico says:

    I love these hands! I saw them at a shop in San Francisco (on 9th ave. I think) and have been thinking about them ever since : )

  83. hermína says:

    wash your hands properly please

  84. anneleen says:

    Nice, nice! Count me in for the giveaway!

  85. Stephanie says:

    So cute. Inspiring me with these…I am thinking of an assemblage series now.

  86. patti says:

    aahh hope im not too late. these are super cutttee

  87. Sandy says:

    Super cute soap! Love the web site, too.

  88. Tara says:

    Perfect Christmas gift for someone I know…

  89. Sarah N. says:

    Marie! I miss you sweet friend! So good to see you here- on one of my favorite blogs! :)
    You look beautiful!

  90. Sarah N. says:

    Marie! I miss you sweet friend! So good to see you here- on one of my favorite blogs! :)

  91. Hooray! A big high-five to everyone for commenting and huge thanks to Elisabeth for hosting our Handsoap giveaway! xo, david + marie

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