For the children in Syria


“Thousands of children are experiencing terrible suffering and trauma in Syria. Unless more action is taken now to stop the fighting, we are likely to see the further slaughter of children in Syria.”

For every poster sold during the coming month $5 / €4 / 35 kr will go to Save the Children / Rädda barnen.

The Syrian regime is killing babies

Also, take a look at illustrator Tovelisa’s lovely print. By buying – money will go to the same cause as above. This print is my favorite.


13 Responses to For the children in Syria

  1. Linnéa W says:

    Vilket fint initiativ! Dubbel anledning att köpa en affisch med andra ord.

  2. Tack för initiativet och för att du tipsar om oss! Jag uppdaterar vårt blogginlägg med en länk hit också… :-)

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  4. Thank you for doing this Elizabeth. I can’t begin to imagine life for children in Syria these days. x

  5. Helena says:

    Strålande initiativ!

  6. Amielle says:

    My brother’s birthday is coming up and I think he’d love the map of the world. I’ll have to ask my siblings if they’d want to help out with it, but definitely want to help give!

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  8. Iris says:

    Without wanting to be a nag, just a little comment I can’t help but making:
    I think it’s wonderful to donate for a good cause, but I also think that the situation is more complex than what we hear in Western media. The west has supported “the regime” for decades and now as geopolitic interests shuffle, all of a sudden the president is a monster. It’s a civil war, awful especially for children, but it’s not the good and the bad against one another. That’s the easy and deceitful message the western media wants us to believe.
    regards and please keep up the enchanting work!

  9. i’m going to have to research this I think, I haven’t been in touch with the news lately sadly. But this is a great thing you are doing!

  10. Kylie says:

    Such a good cause. They really are doing it tough. Kx

  11. Susan says:

    So to Iris: yes, it is a complex situation. That is why the funds will be going to Save the Children & not to the FSA. Let’s not nag when it’s not necessary. xo

  12. Susan says:

    Elisabeth…I posted on this & also pinned a poster. It comes us in the auto pinning as $5 for the entire poster. I think you need to do something to correct this before a lot of people expect it to only cost that….

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