Swedish summer

Sweden is magical this time of the year. Just can’t get enough. None of us. More here.

Before and after. Small home redo over at Design Sponge. Happy to see Mr Pirum and my yellow guy Apple Papple here and there.

Sandals I need.


7 Responses to Swedish summer

  1. bmo says:

    det är verkligen magiskt…precis när man tror att sommaren är slut blir det tropiskt och mördarsniglarna tar rast…

  2. Linnea says:

    I haven’t spent a summer in Sweden in way too many years. I would love to do this soon! Enjoy every minute!

  3. nina says:

    have you seen this exhibition-well online at least? Looks like lots of things you will like?


  4. Kylie says:

    Gorgeous photos! I feel the same about a Brisbane winter :) Kx

  5. Charlyn says:

    Ohhh! Loving your summer pics (my fave is the “Good Lunch” garlic!)!

    Those Design Sponge makeovers are perfection!

    Lastly, those sandals are *so you*! ;D

  6. Sara says:

    I am not going to make it to a lake this summer so thank you even more for being present and sharing pics of summer magic. Can never get enough of life, especially the natural world!

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