Johanna & Malou lives here

Interior stylist Johanna, her daughter Malou and their Devon Rex cat Lasse lives here.








15-year old Malou’s room.

The wall boards are actually a wallpaper from Cottage Print Carma (don’t see it on their home page though).


68 Responses to Johanna & Malou lives here

  1. diariodeunacouturier says:

    I really like this space a mix between pure white and a soft blue

  2. Bohemian girl says:

    Such a nice style. My favorite is the cupboard in the hallway made up so that it fits in the triangle space.

  3. Clare says:

    Wow! I want to be there right now. This is my idea of heaven

  4. malo says:

    Åh, det var det finaste sovrum jag sett på länge.

  5. nathalie et cetera says:

    love your "… live here" series. real people in real apartments with real good taste!

  6. marie says:

    what a beautiful bedroom!

  7. Louise Blossfeld says:

    so siple, so minimalism and sooo romantic in the same way.

    just beautiful.

  8. Kate says:

    Beautiful, I love the crocheted bed cover…

  9. Jenni says:

    wow a sequinned valance, how sumptuous & beautifully contrasted with the crocheted cotton, gorgeous!

  10. jenna says:

    oi what a lovely bedroom! beautiful light through the windows. i hope you've been doing well, dear elisabeth! :)

  11. annamaria says:

    The whole thing is quiet, peaceful and lovely!
    Annamaria :)

  12. wsake says:

    is that a tiny-leopard-like-dots wallpaper?!that´s just amazing! i´m in love with this bedroom!

  13. Fine Little Day says:

    wsake, leopard dots it is. The whole apartment is filled with great wallpaper.

  14. Sakletarn says:

    Ljuvligt sovrum med coola tapeter. Fiiiint!

  15. schorlemädchen says:

    oh what a bedroom…such beautiful images Elisabeth..great light…

  16. Kylie says:

    What a lovely room. I love the touches of blue. K

  17. Hanna says:

    I love this room…

  18. Nightingale says:

    What a beautiful bedspread. The old crochet one but also the one under it with the sequins: like north europe meets India.

  19. Cassandra says:

    Beautiful. Thank you

  20. à petit bruit says:

    What a fantastic lamp ! I love it…

  21. Miscellaneous says:

    Oh it is so pretty

  22. Make it Easy says:

    omg i love that lamp over the bed!

  23. comfies says:

    amazing. amazing.

  24. handmadecharlotte says:

    that bedspread is amazing…

  25. Masy says:

    a place with it’s very own integrety and charm, that’s for sure ! :-)
    have a good weekend!

  26. Becky says:

    So lovely! I especially like the little desk/workstation.

  27. Kaylovesvintage says:

    the cat is so cute

    nice photos , very much my cup of tea

  28. Olly says:

    Interesting house and really really cute little cat! He looks like Hiro, only black version. Xx

  29. Louise Blossfeld says:

    What a charming and lovely place. really life-affirming!

  30. e says:

    Guuu va fint. Särskilt det där serveringsskåpet/serveringsgången. Älskar såna detaljer, INBYGGT i hemmet. <3
    super. glad vår!

  31. Jenea says:

    Hi! Your lasts post is so nice!

  32. soulsearcher says:

    no wonder why the arrangement looks edgy because an interior designer is living there..much like the mehndi designs…i like the room simple yet (again) edgy

  33. orange sugar home says:

    love, love the hub caps!! how fine! what a sweet home to raise a family.

  34. misako mimoko says:

    lovely places as usual!
    thank you and wish you have a sweet weekend :)

  35. miarosa says:

    underbart E-beth!

  36. diariodeunacouturier says:

    your are doing such a wonderful job!!! today in Barcelona it is raining, the sky it is so grey I have too much work and my house it is like a mess.
    But your posts make the day much better!!!
    lovely place

  37. C says:

    I love the wallboards wallpaper, it adds such a nice rustic touch especially paired with that shiny chandeliar. Its so realistic too, very appealing!

  38. katie f says:

    i can’t believe that wall paper! incredible. i enjoy the tromp l’oeil effect it gives, people would be touching the walls all day, unbelieving its actually paper.

  39. pen says:

    love the wallpaper!
    I want it!

  40. emma says:

    schitschysst! :) kul vägg. mera mera…!
    vad blir det av detta sen då? fler flashiga inredningsmagasin borde ju ta till sej mer sånahär vanliga (ovanligt fina iofs) hem som inte är toppade med basilika o citroner på en kliniskt ren köks-ö.

    give it to the people. :D

  41. Kyile says:

    Fabulous! Love the wallpaper – it changes the whole room. K

  42. marie-louise says:

    Vilka sköna rum!!!!!!!!

  43. marie-louise says:

    Just a little note to say that I’ve left you the Beautiful Blogger Award over here:
    Your blog is my daily delight…and inspiration…
    If you feel like playing along, just share some of the sites that are inspiring you at the moment. No big deal though if you don’t want to.
    Thanks for making my day

  44. Rikke Storm says:

    Your pictures are so well composed! And you realy have the eye to see the beauty in every day things! Respect. Xx R

  45. RiJasmine Mirra says:

    love that bed!

  46. G Ü - N O N G s says:

    wow :-0 that wallpaper!
    thanks for the “vintage wallpapers” from your last post.

  47. the ramen girl says:

    wow, such cosy room. love the wallpaper :)

  48. lena says:

    nice photos! på et tidspunkt linket du til en klistermærkebog, en med ansigter…japansk, tror jeg. den vil jeg gerne købe til min søns fødselsdag. kan du huske hor det var?

    god onsdag

  49. Fine Little Day says:

    Lena, kan inte komma på vad det var. Tyvärr.

  50. Make it Easy says:

    very nice white room. like the wood panel walls!

  51. lena says:

    ha! jeg fandt det selv. nu glæder jeg mig til at give klistermærkebogen til min søn.

  52. nina says:

    this home is so lovely!

  53. Chris says:

    Merci pour le lien sur les papiers vintage! C’est exactement ce qu’il me fallait :)

  54. la casita de wendy says:

    i love this house and all your “lives here” pictures!!!

  55. Kyile says:

    I do love your ‘lives here’ series Elisabeth – it’s just so wonderful seeing real homes and I love that this one seems so traditional and yet there are all these fabulously modern glimpses too ;) Thanks also for the vintage wallpaper link – what a treat! Kx

  56. Frank says:

    Yes, lives here is great!!! The more the better. There are lovely rooms, with lovely things .. maybe sometimes, when there is an interesting thing to see outside those windows, I would like to see a glimpse of that too .. the whole zen .

  57. fiasask-fialotta says:

    Gillar “Lives here”, man kan sitta länge o titta på dina bilder och ser hela tiden nya spännande detaljer.
    Och ibland ser man något som man känner igen så väl.
    Vi tycker du skulle samla dem i en bok, den kommer i alla fall att ligga på våran bokhylla.

  58. Milady Productions says:

    your lives here series always feels so natural, not staged, thus truly capturing the spirit of those you are visiting. i feel like a ghost popping in for a peek. thanks for the tours!

  59. denitsa says:

    lovely house indeed. i’m also a big fan of these series of yours.
    they are so personal…and kind of…poetic…:)

  60. Jane O Sullivan says:

    I love the lives here series …endlessly fascinating how other people live and arrange their belongings …..keep it up elisabeth :)

  61. Olly says:

    I love this series. It’s very inspiring! Everytime I see all these wonderful homes, it gives me more ideas for my studio. Keep it up! Xx

  62. Ula says:

    wow… I want to live here!!! what an inspiring home

  63. Liane says:

    I adore this series! I’ve started a similar series…just posted my first home of my friend Lisa but I have more lined up. It is such fun to have an excuse to look around the homes of people whose creativity I admire. Your friends have such great style.

  64. Molly says:

    It hadn’t occurred to me it was optional, these sneak peaks. I love love LOVE them, so. Please, continue. That stack of red bowls, somehow, has my mind all a-twirl.

  65. One Womans Thoughts says:

    What a lovely blog you have, I enjoyed your photos and your love of daily life.

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