Rug rugs

Top rug, if I could afford it – Primitive Folk Art Hooked Rug.
Lower rug, if I had time and energy – How to Hook Rugs.

A big congratulations to you Amy, you won the knitted cardigan from Maska!
Thank you Maria and Lisa, and thanks all of you who participated by commet.


19 Responses to Rug rugs

  1. gracia says:

    Both are beautiful but if I could I'd like very much that top folk rug. It is a real beauty, as are many of the delights you post here. A treat for my tired Monday eve eyes!

  2. at swim-two-birds says:

    they're on my wish-list too, i like them both :-)

  3. Make it Easy says:

    how nice!!!

  4. vidademonstruo says:

    Yo tenia una cuando era pequeña con los mismos colores que la nº2! pero a cuadros. Son preciosas, tengo obesión con las alfombras!

  5. e says:

    rugga en matta själv, ge det lite tid, bli klar, sälj den dyrt, köp den övre. ((:

  6. the textured leaf says:

    They are both exquisite. Love your blog, x

  7. Jenea says:

    My congratulation for Amy! Will be Awesome if in place of the red carpet at the Awards nominations, would be – so traditional carpet! hihihi… :)

  8. lilly piri says:

    Heiko's granny has worked on a rug like this for the last year or two! It seems like an awful lot of work, but it looks nice.

  9. Anthony says:

    the last foto was taken in the house of my great aunt, hooked by her, on the day of her wake. it is the last foto that i took to remind myself of her

  10. Sara says:

    Mycket fina!

  11. PROVINS says:

    Ja der er ikke andet for end at komme igang med tufteren..! Hvis man altså ved hvordan:-)

  12. LAURA!!! says:

    oh those rugs are just great! thanks for the link on how to make my own… one of these days…

  13. AMIT says:

    Wow so beautiful items.

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  14. Come again secondhand says:

    Jättefina. En sådan färgglad till dörrmatta skulle vara trevligt… eller på toalettgolvet kanske..

  15. tricia says:

    you would love this book from the 1970s:

    i've got it in my personal collection, found secondhand. but it's full of groovy old rugs and ideas for making them. thought of you when i was paging through it this morning (remembering this post)!

  16. Fine Little Day says:

    That's a great tip Tricia, thanks. Maybe that's what I should do when I'm sitting there old in my forever longed for, summerhouse – hook rugs.

  17. Laura says:

    Thanks for the how-to link, I'd love to try making a rug one day.

  18. Diana says:

    I think you would enjoy reading about the Grenfell rugs in Newfoundland; here is a example.

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