Organic nice news from Danish Musahar

I love these baby blankets from Danish Musahar. Musahar is run by the designers Karen Bagge and Anne Mette Nordfalk. All products are organic (made from cotton and nettle fabric), plant dyed and hand embroidered in Soiya in the south of Nepal. Earning for a better life.

“In the small village Musahar has set up a workshop for 23 women who are all former bound labours and live under rather poor conditions. Through their work with Musahar the women and their families now have a chance of a better life. They also have a craft, a skill – which is almost more valuable then ready cash, since it will last them forever.”

See more products, here.

Musahar has a blog too, here.


5 Responses to Organic nice news from Danish Musahar

  1. Kathleen says:

    lovely quilts…they remind me of the Gee’s Bend quilts from here in the US.

  2. lindsey says:

    these are adorable! ^_^

  3. Victoria says:

    Love those quilt with solid and refreshing colours!!!!

  4. Jo says:

    these are stunning !

  5. celine says:

    I am making a baby quilt myself, I love these ones so much! So inspiring! I love how the pieces are put together! And the colour combos!

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