Anders, Åsa and Lilly lives here

ÅsaAnders and Lilly’s home. So much to look at!



Little Lilly in the cloud blanket by Gunilla Axén,  one of the original founders of 10 Swedish Designers.



The pattern on the lamp shade is made by Sanna Annukka.



77 Responses to Anders, Åsa and Lilly lives here

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wooaa, how beautiful!!! Karin

  2. Lisen says:

    supersnyggt arbetsbord!!

  3. Daisy says:

    De där kryddburkarna undrar man ju var de hittat? Fina färger.

  4. nath says:

    wow. lovely. do i see a nice bit of wallpaper reflected in the glass of that amazing triangle-y print? is it Fern Living? and what is contained within those rainbow-esque pots?

  5. Jeanette Lunde says:

    Jeg elsker "kryddburkarna" Nydelig hjem!

  6. Fine Little Day says:

    Daisy, jag vet att de köpte kryddburkarna på Malta…

    Nath, you have a sharp eye ;) I don´t know what it is called but it is a piece of textile. I´ll have to ask them about it. Unfortunately I don´t think I got a shot of it. It´s spice pots!

  7. emma says:

    what! urtjusigt, snygg hylla…!! kryddhylla asså. :O)
    o ekorrn. o arb.bordet. aguuu!

  8. •lotta på solrum|fnurr• says:

    rackarns vad fint!

  9. Veja cecilia says:

    vad fint det har det:)

  10. at swim-two-birds says:

    i like their house very much, and the textile designs are super.

  11. Bohemian girl says:

    I cannot help but ask: are their work tables tide up like that all the time?
    It is nicely designed apartment.

  12. famapa says:

    åh vad fint! och kryddorna – wow!

  13. Maribeth says:

    I like that desk. I could work there. Your friends are nice to share.

  14. Amanda Nicole says:

    Oh, I love the tea shelf with all the wonderful colours.

  15. Peek says:

    i love squirrels

  16. art4friends says:

    can you please tell me where to buy everything in all of these pictures please!!


    In all seriousness, do you know where I can purchase the print in the first image?!

    Continuing to be amazing you are!

    Renee xx

  17. Kylie says:

    They have the most beautiful home! So much artful colour :) K

  18. MamaShift says:

    Somehow very peaceful with those splashes of color. We have a pillow like that, except from Oregon. I'm inspired! Love the nature scene with the squirrel.

  19. lili scratchy says:

    What a beautifull house..;I'm dreaming of a place clean and organised!!!
    do you know this another cloud blanket?

  20. Fine Little Day says:

    art4friends, the poster was bought 8 years ago here so they probably don´t have it anymore:
    I´m also in love with it.

    lili scratchy, ah yes Donna Wilson´s is great too!

  21. Easy shapes says:

    the painting looks so great…

  22. Clare says:

    Wow I love those spice (?) jars. They look so pleasing lined up like that! The colours are great.

  23. jokemijn says:

    :D i love the print above their bed! Really a beautiful house!

  24. ALEX says:

    always something pretty for me to look at here!

    i love the shelving arrangement in the second picture! i hope i can be so lucky as to have a house so beautiful when i'm older.


  25. Make it Easy says:

    THAT IS SUCH A GREAT HOUSE! so many cool little things everywhere!! i love that picture above their bed…the colours are amazing! i want that composition

  26. art4friends says:

    thank you!!!! I will check it out all the same. x

  27. Mary says:

    such a beautiful light fulled flat.

  28. when skies are grey says:

    Love it all, those spice jars look amazing.

  29. debi van zyl says:

    i love that squirrel! so funny

  30. A+M says:

    Grafisk design!

  31. AprillAprill Johanna says:

    Så himla fint!

  32. twotwentysix says:

    Oh my!
    I love the spice jars. Where can I get them?????? I need them in my life, please tell me the brand.

  33. Fine Little Day says:

    twotwentysix, I think they bought them on a trip to Malta a couple of years ago…

  34. twotwentysix says:

    thanks :)
    do you still have a larger size picture so I at least can see the brand?
    I am in love, seriously in love :D

  35. Fine Little Day says:

    twotwentysix, mail me and I'll give you a larger picture.

  36. Maria says:

    ojoj så fint dom har det! älskar bilder från folks hem- så tack:)

  37. Anonymous says:

    Can I move in please? She look so beutiful, the mother. /Gina

  38. Lena says:

    i love seeing their house photos. where is the cloud blanket from, that everyone seems to have? maybe i’ve already asked you, i can’t remember!

  39. Maribeth says:

    nd here the blue and gray is nice!

  40. Celine says:

    I am in love with that lamp shade in the last photo. Did they make it??

  41. Fine Little Day says:

    Celine, the lamp shade is made by Åsa from a Sanna Annukka-textile.

  42. Make it Easy says:

    that blue lampshape with the bear figures is so great!

  43. MUS says:

    oh yes Sanna Annukka work is super!

  44. {lovely little things} says:

    What a beautiful home. Nice clean lines, great view!

  45. Brit says:

    What a beautiful home! Love the little details!

  46. Juniper says:

    what a nice home, so airy and light! I love the many cool touches! The red light, the vine hanging ,the cloud blanket encircling the baby and this beautiful mother in great top,certainly looks picture perfect.
    Definitely an inspiring set of posts.

  47. emma says:

    det är fint. hälsa dom det :) gillar köksstolarna… det lilla man ser.

  48. Maribeth says:

    I like the green and black!

  49. Kylie says:

    These photos are just amazing. I love their home – so light-filled and happy… and a beautiful baby too! :) K

  50. mrs boo radley says:

    Last one?

    *sniff sniff

    I’ve quite loved these…

  51. andrea tachezy says:

    So much light and a lovely flat!

  52. julia says:

    i really really like all these pictures very much!

    and this bear t-shirt is so cool… like to have it for my boy!

  53. rachel says:

    What a lovely, bright home! And I’d love to know where that t-shirt is from, if you know :)

  54. jenna says:

    love love love! gorgeous, simply, lovely. great light in these photos.

  55. Karin says:

    Ljuvligt hem!! Är det detta paret som är föräldrarna till det söta lilla barnet också? /Karin

  56. Fine Little Day says:

    rachel & julia, the t-shirt is a band t-shirt from the group Teddybears sthlm. I agree, it´s nice!

  57. Louise says:

    Fint med den röda bumlingen. Jag har en liten guldig som nästan är helt söndersliten. Vågar måla (spraylacka) om?
    Jättefina bilder för övrigt!

  58. Julia says:

    Åh, vilket fint hem!

  59. mieke willems s says:

    very nice!

  60. Letter Paper Flower says:

    I love how simple and lovely the apartment is! Nothing fancy but so much spirit and feeling comes through.

  61. Bohemian girl says:

    Again, so tide up! Envy of that, first of all, designy apartment comes second, but necessarily too.

  62. Alexandra Hedberg says:

    ja, spännande att se hur andra bor…

  63. JenniS says:

    Oo it all seems so exotic to me – I guess a shot of a NZ house might to you too? Does anyone know the painter of the leaf print? I like it!

  64. Veja cecilia says:

    det är fint det där mönstret, ja allt är fint förresten:)

  65. Make it Easy says:

    the tree art drawing, the plants, the great eating table… nice!!

  66. danica says:

    i’ve loved the sneak peek into their home – it’s beautiful with so many wonderful prints, little plants and gorgeous colours.

  67. miau! says:

    Its increible the way you see the things and the little details are always so great in you!

    everything is so beutifull and fresh and clean in those pictores ! great!

  68. ii-ne-kore says:

    what a wonderful home! and what a wonderful geranium (?)). a light, plant-filled home is heaven to the soul….

  69. sara says:

    hej hej å och a lika fint som alltid hos er…men vänta bara tills lilla L stökar till…

  70. MamaShift says:

    Funny all these themes: leaves, woodcuts, etc.

  71. MamaShift says:

    I don’t mean woodcuts. My brain is tired.

  72. Delphine says:

    i like the leaves!

  73. Something White says:

    That beautiful burning red spot on the ceiling looks so very inviting!

  74. gini says:

    so beautifuL!!!!merci

  75. Duermevela says:

    cozy place and beautiful light

  76. when skies are grey says:

    Thanks so much for the plentiful inspirations, and thanks to your friends too! Between their wonderful taste and your keen eye it’s been a pleasure to see.

  77. Dolores Westergren says:

    I see your sewing box on the floor. It is like one my father made for me. Mine does not have legs. I can not tell from the picture. Does yours have legs? I like the way the boxes open out. Nice!

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