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Local life

Gothenburg is a nice town. Actually, I had only been visiting twice before I moved here 1991–92. Once on a school trip in sixth grade, and once on a school trip in high school. Gothenburg is a big small town. With a lot of creativity, and a lot of nice people.

People like the ever clever Lotta at Drömma, Lisa with the beautiful dresses Up The Wooden Hills, my dear friend Carina who makes the cute Bibs, Pia who runs the excellent shop Once upon a time, Klara Bothén with the gorgeous mittens of course and many more.

Photos from today’s vintage- and design market at Drömma‘s backyard. Above, Scallops print by Klara Bothén.

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Anive for the Minors + Basar

There will be a vintage- and design market here in Gothenburg today at Drömma’s backyard – Up The Wooden Hills, the new brand Bib and above Anive for the Minors among others. I’m going!

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Great ceramics in Gothenburg

In case you didn’t know, I’ll tell you – Gothenburg has a bunch of great ceramicist. Here some peeps from two galleries that I visit whenever I get the chance Sintra and Lerverk. Above clouds by Anna Lönneborg. Below, work from Kristina Falck.

Above to the left, Anna Lönneborg, right, Maria Kristofersson

Above, Anna Ulin.

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Do you have this as well?

A small, cosy café with charming, all second hand interior, a good looking man with blue nail polish, cord tangles on the wall looking like art and a lot of handmade all over. Two Little Birds café in my neighbourhood is the place. And below to the right is my good looking freind Katarina.

Thanks for your comments about Anna’s and mine porcelain. You made us happy!

Worth mentioning again Puplic collectors. Complete publications in PDF form.

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Way Cup with Klara

The sunshine we had the ohter day. And the green buds popping up here and there. We had the balcony door open the whole morning. It’s in the air now, the spring. But whenever you say so, then will be more snow. Some time at the end of april, as a cold surprise.

Yesterday was fine though, no matter what tomorrow brings. A fika with a Klara at splendid Way Cup. She always find great second hand Klara. Look at her dress and coat, fits her perfectly.

Jane send me the best links. Adore these rugs.

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Eric Magassa 3

Last post from artist Eric Magassa‘s studio.

Tack Eric.

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The prop makers

Imagne a place where you can work with fairy tales. Where you can get the task to create a table loaded with colorful pastries, cakes, cookies and candy, all in textile. And all from your own imagination. Another day the task can be to make animal masks to a nursery school, or to fix a shark and fill it with a textile brain, heart and other guts.

I visited a place like that yesterday, Arbetsgruppen Rekvisita here in Gotheburg. A place where you work with props simply. But also a place where you are allowed to fail, work in your own pace and to have fun.

A whole bunch of creative, and very talented ladies (no guys this day) are working daily in a workshop kind of, making desirable treasures. I was invited to peep, lucky me. AND, I bought something wonderful. That ‘thing’ I will show you further on cause I’m eager to present it in a way that it deserves.

Links to two of the talanded ladies in the group:

I love Peggy and Susilou.

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Eric Magassa 2

Eric Magassa, second post. Paintings, collage, re-used items.

Best glue according to Eric, Coccoina, eco-friendly made from potato starch.

Public Art Commission for Karolinska Hospital, by Eric.

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Eric Magassa

Went to visit artist Eric Magassa in his studio today. Eric is a multi media artist who paints, draws, as well as he works with collage and video. The impressions from this visit was a bit overwhelming. Just look.

Works all over the place, Eric. Art pieces in every corner. I could have stayed there for a week. A couple of more Eric Magassa posts coming up!

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Sausage sign and looong slide

Look at this genius sign. It’s a sign saying that the grill is open between certain hours. And that you can buy hot dogs nearby. Vegetarian also.

Plikta, one of Gothenburg’s best playgrounds. Here, another one.

Everyone loves Bleubird’s blog and Instagram, me too. Extra happy for pictures like this.

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