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Klara Persson’s new book

Swedish illustrator and author Klara Persson is a rising star. Last year I had the opportunity to oppose on her debut children’s book Molly & Sus, published by Urax. The same book was awarded with the Slangbellan prize for young debutants from the Swedish Writer’s Union a couple of weeks ago.

This new book Maximilian och Minimilian is as much feast for the eye as Klara’s first book. The humoursome skewness is still there. And the little story. Thank you Urax for bringing us quailty books.

See the book’s cover here.

Together with Camilla Engman, Klara will go to the Children’s book fair in Bologna 25–28 Mars, 2013.

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A book and a bedspread

Pinterest. Yes you can get lost in there. For days.
The feeling of satisfaction when you find a great Pinterest like Victoire Meneur‘s, and via Victorie Meneur Design Squish, and via Design Squish Alexandra Kehayoglou (amazing green rugs).

Above photos, an old bedspread of ours and a spread from this book.

Toiletpaper Magazine.

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Jockum news

The beloved artist Jockum Nordström has made a new children’s book. This time for children 0-3 years. The book is called “Vart ska du?” (Where are you going?) and will be released in April 2013. You will be able to buy it in the Fine Little Day shop.

Find the classical award-winning children’s books about Sailor and Pekka here.

Above and under, screen shots from Youtube, Sailor och Pekka och söndagen.

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I’m reading – Konstnärer & deras ateljéer

The artist’s studio is a mythical place. The romantic dream of the studio as a harbor for creativity. The book Konstnärer & deras ateljéer is a juicy piece where you get to peep into 26 contemporary Swedish artists at their various workplaces. Some of them have their studio in their apartments, some of them in old garages or warehouses, one of them even in a henhouse. A spledid book about art, creativity and design. Only written in Swedish as fas as I know, but the pictures speaks for themselves.

The people behind the book is stylist Anette Mörner, photographer Anne Nyblaeus and author Bo Madestrand.

ISBN: 978-91-86603-42-7

Participating artists:

Ylva Ogland
Anders Widoff
Klara Kristalova
Christian Pontus Andersson
Tova Mozard
Kristoffer Nilson
Julia Peirone
Fredrik Wretman
Meta Isaeus-Berlin
Daniel Jensen
Jenny Källman
Tobias Bernstrup Cajsa von Zeipel
Rickard Sollman
Astrid Sylwan
Hans Isaksson
Carin Ellberg
Thomas Elovsson
Johanna Billing
Gustaf Nordenskiöld
Maria Friberg
Makode Linde
Ulrika Sparre
Jesper Waldersten
Anna Kleberg
Lukas Göthman

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Children’s book 12 – Harlem’s Little Blackbird

This new book (published October, 2012) Harlem’s Little Blackbird: The Story of Florence Mills is written by Renée Watson’s and illustrated by the great Christian Robinson.

Swedish readers, buy it at Bokus.

A Late-Night Breakfast with Christian Robinson.
And don’t miss Christian’s animations.

Nice postcards over at Red Cap Cards.

This, this and this one by Christian Robinson
This and this one by Anna Emilia Laitinen
This card by Jon Klassen
This one by Becca Stadtlander

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Children’s book 11 – Trollkritan

This is not really a picture book. But the pictures that are there are great. Trollkritan is a book written by Zinken Hopp 1954 (original title: Trollkrittet – The Magic Chalk). The illustrations are made by Malvin Neset.

Book Cover Lover

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Children’s book 12 – Pelle Svanslös

Pelle Svanslös (Peter No-Tail in english) by Gösta Knutsson and illustrated by Lisbeth Holmberg-Thor. The same team as in this old favorite.

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Children’s book 10 – KLOT-NALLE

Will you mangage more children’s books? This one “Klot-Nalle”, written by Josef Menzel, has pictures by Czech Jiří Trnka. Jiří was a puppet maker, motion-picture animator, film director and illustrator. There is a bunch of nice You Tubes out there if you are interested. “Most of his movies were intended for adults, and many of them were adaptations of literary works of Czech authors or foreigners. Because of his influence in animation, he was called “the Walt Disney of Eastern Europe”.

Visited Gothenburgs best playground yesterday.

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Children’s book 9 – Bengt

This book is about Sweden. Written and illustrated by Czech Miroslav Ivanov, 1964.


Red cottages, Scandinavian forest, Stockholm archipelago and Bengt. Very Swedish.


I got the book from Magda when I visited Prague a couple of years ago.


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More to read

A new Napa book!

Studio Visit book takes you on a tour to visit 18 inspiring Finnish artists’ studios around Helsinki. Featured artists: Stig Baumgartner, Eeva-Leena Eklund, Petri Eskelinen, Matti Hagelberg, Kaarina Haka, Hannaleena Heiska, Minna L. Henriksson, Essi Kausalainen, Mikko Kuorinki, Tuomas Laitinen, Maija Luutonen, Leena Nio, Oskari Parkkinen, Vesa-Pekka Rannikko, Maiju Salmenkivi, Anna Tuori, Katja Tukiainen, Timo Vaittinen.

Got to have.

(Photos borrowed from Napa)

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