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      Triangle & Co
      Saori Ishige
      [email protected]
      Phone: +81 (0) 356452433

      Agentur Dürr
      Claudia Dürr
      [email protected]
      Phone: +49 (0) 15162768869

      The store at Spinneriet

      Since May 2015 Fine Little Day have a store at Spinneriet in Lindome, just outside Gothenburg. The centennial factory building has become a head quarters for design and creativity with the interior shop Östlinghs, the blogger Frida Ramstedt/Trendenser, the ceramicist Kajsa Cramer among others as our neighbours. Next door is the restaurant, café and bakery ”Lilla Spinneriet”, surrounded by fields and meadows.

      We are keen on highlighting an environmental friendly range with high artistic qualities. Besides our own collections we sell handpicked products from selected brands and designers, such as Betonggruvan, Eduards Accessories and ceramic from Studio Oyama, Marianne Hallberg and The Great Escape Studio.

      Very welcome!

      Opening hours

      Sat and Sun 12.00–16.00

      Phone: +46 (0) 31445222

      Find us

      Fine Little Day
      Spinnmästarevägen 2 (drive towards Östra Lindomevägen 90, see signs for Spinneriet)
      437 34 Lindome

      Map >>

      The store in Spinneriet
      The store in Spinneriet
      The store in Spinneriet