“Can me and my friend play chef in the kitchen mum?”.

11 years old. All by them self. From shop the grocerys to bake it (only help them to took it out from the oven).
They even made a fruit drink to go with it. All of it really tasty!



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  1. gini says:

    waou Looks soooo yuMMy!next time i'LL bring dessert!apple pie?

    xxxx gini

  2. mieke willems says:

    waw! well done tovalisa! beautiful food :)

  3. sara says:

    så himmla fint, så himmla fint! Tovalisa!!!!

  4. Kylie says:

    That is so fabulous. Love it when the kids cook :) K

  5. amy says:

    i think i might cook a few heart shaped pancakes tomorrow, so sweet :)

  6. Make it Easy says:

    haha aww those are so cute!

  7. mette/ungt blod says:

    aw i have to make heartshaped pizzas too! so cool! i loved to bake when i was a kid! so fun to feel like you were in charge in the kitchen!

  8. nath says:

    yes, looks scrumptious. i'm sure everything tastes better when it's heart-shaped!

  9. o l y says:

    sooooooooo cuuuuuuuuute !!!!!!
    looks yum-yum too !

    dear elisabeth, happy sunday !


  10. melindatrees says:

    great job! and tasting good is a bonus :-)

  11. gracia says:

    Love heart bliss.

  12. Maria says:

    Kul med egna initiativ! och extra gott med hjärtliga pizzor. Jag har också en elvaåring här hemma…

  13. Maria says:

    Kul med egna initiativ! och extra gott med hjärtliga pizzor. Jag har också en elvaåring här hemma…

  14. erika says:

    I loved doing that as a kid, together with my sister ;-)

  15. siagrafica says:

    heart-shaped food… nice!

    Have a wonderful Sunday

  16. Blåbærpai says:

    clever kids!!!

  17. amy @ switz~art says:

    how fun!

  18. Renee' says:

    How lovely.

  19. gina says:

    mmm, most impressive… a sure sign of someone who will be able to care for herself – and others. :-)

  20. Anna says:

    so cute!

  21. "Infing" says:

    Såå mysigt! En rar liten banangubbe också hi hi!

  22. marie says:

    wow heart shape! looks yum.

  23. penelope says:

    great job, kiddos!

  24. jokemijn says:

    if it's heartshaped, it can't be bad.

  25. Rona Chang says:

    that's what i call talent and i'm not even being sarcastic.

  26. MamaShift says:

    Very cool!
    Is she riding yet?

  27. Fine Little Day says:

    MamaShift, she´s riding every saturday :)

  28. {lovely little things} says:

    Love the heart shaped pizza, yum!

  29. Tant Grön says:

    Åh kärlekspizza! Så fint.

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