The little house

She would have loved this place a couple years ago. He would have enjoyed it too. We have some cousins who likes to play here now though. And of course, I enjoy it. I always wanted a playhouse as a child. I have one now, a big one. And this little one. Such a luxury.

Outgrown, beloved, sugary things.

Take a look at my friend Anna Pernilla’s new lovely wallpaper patterns.


25 Responses to The little house

  1. Débora says:

    I will enjoy to play there too :)beautiful!

  2. hanna says:

    wow great to have a little house (and a big house) to play with/in!

  3. Jag svimmar så bedårande. Som ett dockhus!

    Jag tror inte jag har sagt att jag är lite kär i dina nya saker. Så himla fint. Alltihop.

  4. hope you can spend many hours in your house just playing :)

  5. Sophie says:

    what a wonderful dream house, you have. there’s a fine & poetic atmosphere in that little place for both children and adults:)

  6. helie gini says:

    Anouki would love this place too!!!
    love gini

  7. Elisabeth says:

    Sofia, kul att höra att du gillar det nya :)

    Gini, bring him with you next time you come to Sweden, we can take a trip to Småland!

  8. Angie says:

    That is just the cutest thing – adorable!

  9. lisen says:

    vilken finfin! har också haft en sån en gång..kommer ihåg lukten inifrån. alltid sand på golvet o ett getingbo i taket. nu leker nån annan i den. bättre det än ingen alls! :)

  10. jess says:

    and what a gorgeous house it is! My dream house in fact xo

  11. So sweet. I’d love one with just a touch more head room, please ;)

  12. Kylie says:

    Oh it is just a perfect play house! My sister and I had one as kids and we loved it :) Never too late to have one! Great photos, Elisabeth, and I am in love with Anna wallpaper – how divine! Thank you for sharing her work :) Kx

  13. Inger Marie says:

    This is surely a dream house – I know that my little girl would love to spend hours there, and the same for me :) The yellow painted ceiling is such a fine detail.

  14. Jess says:

    Åååååh, pingvinen i fönstret. Den lekte min förstfödda med för många, många år sen känns det som. Nostalgikänslor.

  15. Mali says:

    Hi, we now have a playhouse in our garden too. We have the space, and my girls of 6 and 4 love it. Have plans of pimping it, however not so much you can’t play in there.

  16. Charlyn W says:

    Oh! I love it and I’m not a kid!!!! ;O

  17. I’m sure that my children would love play there too. It’s very cute.

  18. K. says:

    Looks like a fun and quite pieceful place. All adorble things in there!

  19. Janne says:

    We have that cute penguin too!! I wish I had the space to make a little house for my little man…So cute!

  20. Heli says:

    I love your blog always full of inspiration, thank you!

  21. Anna says:

    Did you renovate it at all, or was it like that when you bought the place? So cute!

  22. Elisabeth says:

    Heli, thank you for saying so. Makes me very glad to hear it!

    Anna, we have renovate it, yet. I had planned to paint it inside this summer. But work came in between. Looking forward to a free summer next year, no work just play.

  23. Ingrid Gomez says:

    My daughter Alana Sophia would love a house like this!!!

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