2011/05/03 Lego + snow

Tuesday: “32 days until I’m 10.”
Always at the top of the wish list - Lego. This time Lego City (partnered with NASA). Lego City Space, You Tube.

The blanket, a super gift from Johanna. Tack igen J!


Outside my window at this very moment – May snow!


29 Responses to 2011/05/03 Lego + snow

  1. Sara says:

    Oh vilken fin tapet! Finns den att köpa fortfaranade?

  2. Elisabeth says:

    Sara, tapeten är från Cath Kidstone, vet inte om den finns kvar i stortementet dock.

  3. Ariane Reichardt says:

    Snow? In Hamburg its cold too, -3°C this night…but no snow.
    Dear Elisabeth,
    Even my 10 year old son plays with LEGO. With heart’s blood.
    Your son’s room is very cool! wow.
    x Ariane

  4. Lison will be 10 in 24 days :)
    and on his wish list, it’s a bike .
    have a good day Elisabeth !!

  5. lingonsmak says:

    lego, lego, always!! here, it is star wars lego at the moment … but we have pirats and knights and vikings and the train and …, too :) his birthday (9) is months away but this time there seems to be one more thing on his wishlist: a sewing machine for children and lots of fabrics … hope, this wish will stay, I find it’s great.

    have a nice day :)

  6. fanja says:

    Lego is great, they should never get tired of it.
    what a lovely blanket. Snow in May, i do feel for you!

  7. Malin says:

    hörde att det snöade i umeå igår och då tänkte jag gött att man bor i södra sverige. men man kommer inte undan!

  8. Lisa says:

    Oh yes, the Lego, they begin young! Ishi has requested the Lego City Space Centre (the one in the youtube film) for his 5th birthday in two weeks, along with a space party on Venus (well a church hall will have to do)! Oh, that blanket is beautiful, lucky you.xxx

  9. i love the wallpaper! i have a bag with the same print…and a mug :)
    heard about the snow, sorry for you guys!
    sending spring to you:)

  10. legos are the greatest toy in the whole world!
    love the lipstick astronaut! :)
    i always say this, but it is true…i’ll come to your blog and its like looking in a mirror! it is snowing here too and my house is overtaken by legos! we even have an old suitcase someone decided to use for storage appear in the living room yesterday.
    the cowboys on Ottos wall reflect the red cowboy covers on my boys beds…i’d say we were all seperated at birth!:)
    Otto is between my 2 boys. the 3 of them would be in lego heaven together.

    someday, someday i’ll get to travel again and don’t be suprised if we end up ringing your doorbell :)

  11. helie gini says:

    waou that is mad!!!!!
    loveto your famili!

  12. emma says:

    lego är ju kul. men tänk om det kunde komma MAJSSNÖ istället för MAJSNÖ. snö här också. man vill bara skrika BUUUU!
    istället : brasa.
    fin filt! den kan man krypa under i kylan! :D

  13. maria says:

    jättefin filt! äh synd med snö:( här (i Vasa) har det varit kallare, soligt som tur. än så länge inge mer snö. men vi får se..

  14. Elisabeth says:

    Stephanie, yes please come and ring on my bell :)!

    Lisen och Maria, är det inte alltid så ändå. I allafall här i Svedala när man nästan ropat hej (särskilt med påskhelgen i tankarna) så kommer det där isande kalla från himlen bara för att liksom.

  15. erika says:

    Still 37 days to go and than we will have a teenager too ( scary word) she will get her own sewing machine!!

  16. Elisabeth says:

    Sounds like a great gift Erika :)!

  17. Malin says:

    Nice. I like the idea of my four year old being able to enjoy his lego for years and years on.

  18. Fiona says:

    Hello seeing snow in may has scared me somewhat as im moving to Gothenburg to study at HDK not sure I will survive winter. I work in Cath Kidston your paper looks lovely x

  19. gina says:

    Hooray for Otto!
    Welcome to the double digits.

  20. Elisabeth says:

    Fiona, snow in May in to so very common, so you shouldn’t be scared. HDK, how fun :)!

  21. Mira says:

    Love his room! The blanket, the desk, the wallpaper, the rug, the desk lamp, it’s all wonderful.
    My boys are obsessed with Lego and it’s everywhere around our house. I love your idea of storing it in the vintage suitcase. We just have it in large, ugly, plastic containers right now.

  22. fliss says:

    My son too will never tire of lego…. it is a perfect invention and one to hold onto and pass through generations. Ottos room is great and love that blanket!

  23. Elisabeth says:

    Fliss, that’s true. Actually more than half of all the Lego he has is from me and my husbands childhood. I love the blanket too :)

  24. emily says:

    oh, those lego pictures sure hit home. i just found an old letterpress drawer that i hung on my son’s wall and he filled it with lego men… boys sure love legos!
    oh, and i love your photos.

  25. luxxnatura says:

    Nice view from out your window! Include more of these as you go through your day! I love being able to see through other’s eyes…

  26. trula says:

    Mine can’t stop playing with it. It is so versatile and suitable for all ages. We always have it in the living room and sometimes, when friends come over, everyone ends up sitting on the floor, building towers, zoos….

  27. Oh how I love that blanket!

  28. Diacritique says:

    A suitcase for Lego? Same here, but ours is blue.

  29. Kylie says:

    The appeal of lego is just amazing! It goes on and on :) So lovely that you have snow! A nice little change. Kx

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