If I lived here 2

House, Hemnet.
Blanket – Shield of wings, Birkiland.
Vintage rugs, 1 and 2, VandM.com
Shoes, Ruby Lane.
Pillow case, Fine Little Day.
Log holders, Designtorget.


16 Responses to If I lived here 2

  1. Tracy Orloff says:

    My grandfather was from Sweden (and, my child’s maternal grandpaternal grandparents are also from Sweden) and it’s funny to me how much your landscapes look like the extreme nothern part of California on the coast where our family moved. Every time I look at these photographs they remind me of Humboldt County, CA. I love your site, your comments and your style which is clean, modern and homey all at the same time. I read your posts many times each week and want to thank you! Tracy

  2. Merja says:

    I love this series of yours! So much fun.

    The first Moroccan rug.. ooh. That antique site was quite a treasure, how do you find these? I am now beginning to think the vintage Moroccan wool rug that we found in California might be quite valuable..

  3. freckleface says:

    That house is too cute. I have that cushion! :)

  4. Johanna says:

    Oj,blev kär i de där filtarna…

  5. Elisabeth says:

    Tracy, I’ve never been to nothern California (or that part of the US at all) and before your comment never heard of Humboldt County. When googled it I can perceive the similarity. Looks beautiful, would be nice to visit some day. “Clean, modern and homey all at the same time” – I like that, thank you :)

    Merja, it sure is interesting that vandm site, and the ruby lane as well. I really enjoy browsing vintage sites like them, you never know what to find. A Moroccan wool rug, sounds like treasure to me.

    freckleface, if you have a photo of it I would love to have it in the gallery :)

    Johanna, kolla ankarfilten på deras site också.

  6. maria says:

    åh, huset! väldigt sött. och allt annat också för den delen. ditt kuddfodral har jag länge velat ha:)

  7. bless your exquisite eye for detail and juxtaposition elisabeth :)

  8. Ja, där skulle man kunna tänka sig att bo. Jag gillar mattan extra mycket tror jag.

  9. Louise says:

    What a darling little house!

  10. antii says:

    I saw the shield of wings at an exhibition in Reykjavik.
    This is all perfect

  11. emma says:

    f*n vilket inlägg! underbart rakt igenom. tack.

  12. paulanna says:

    what treasures i love the blankets they are so beautiful so very very beautiful my eyes are watering

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  14. Jessica says:

    huset är bedårande! vet du var det ligger? i vilken stad/utanför vilken stad? vill jättegärna veta mera!

  15. Elisabeth says:

    Hej Jessica, jag tror att det låg i norrland någonstans men är inte säker. Sök på Hemnet, max 600 000 kr och med tilläggsordet “Torp”, det var så jag sökte när jag hittade det :)

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