2011/12/14 Pattern news

My friend Åsa Dahlbäck makes the loveliest patterns. A while ago I had the honor to photograph her Master’s degree project. Blogged here and here. Now several of her patterns are availble as wallpapers, at Photowall. Look here and here!


More patterns –  This squirrel, bird, pinecone – shirt is from La Casita De Wendy. As a Fine Little Day reader you can get it (and all other things in their shop) with 30% discount until January 1, 2011 if you write FINE in the box Ofereta.


Banquet Atelier & Workshop’s giveaway, until tomorrow.


5 Responses to 2011/12/14 Pattern news

  1. anne says:

    Nice patterns to end this day with :-) Good night!

  2. jennifer says:

    i am inspired! those patterns are phenom…

  3. vesle serena says:

    I think that jumper is sold out? Its pretty though! :) Have a nice day!

  4. gini says:

    ouiiiizzzzz xxxxxx

  5. marie-louise says:

    Fint med det gråa fjäll landskapet – och skönt!

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