Polka, Drops and Birgitta Magnusson’s textiles

You who have peeped in to the shop yesterday or today might have noticed that we have some new products in our range. Then you might have peeped in here and wondering why I have not mention it here? Well I simply did not have the time. So I will hurry now, before the weekend starts to tell you about what’s going on at the moment.

First we got the Polka pillow cases, designed by Cecilia Petterson – in grey, red, black and yellow, pure diagonally candy. That pattern also dress kitchen towels in grey, red and yellow take a look here.

And then we have the Drops pillow cases in blue, navy and black (and in two sizes).

Last but not least there are some amazing textiles coming in by Swedish textile artist Birgitta Magnusson. Handmade in hemp, acrylic and wool. More soon!


4 Responses to Polka, Drops and Birgitta Magnusson’s textiles

  1. only got one of your pillows..should get some more

  2. rike says:

    would love to get to know more about birgitta and her work. it’s particular interesting if you don’t find many infos online. kind of rare those days :)

    • Elisabeth / Fine Little Day says:

      Will visit her later in spring Rike. She is not represented on the net yet so I will get all the details in our meeting :)

  3. I like the irregularity of the drops pillow, delicate.

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