The teen’s room

So Rut and I got permission to snoop and shoot in my teenage (15 years old) daughter’s room.

Everything happened so fast, suddenly the Schleich horses, the rubber Pokemons, the Kamratposten magazines were gone.


Can I ask you a couple of questions about your room T?
- Well, ok.

What makes you feel good in a room?
- The light is important to me, that it is enough daylight. I don’t like incandescent light much. It’s also nice if there are enough space to to sit and socialize with friends. And I like plants, they makes it feel cosy and kind of fresh.

So do you think that your room meets that?
Overall yes. It has big windows and a big enough bed.

Mention something less good with your room.
- It’s inefficiently soundproof!

Do you have any favorite things in your room?
-  My computer, the makeup mirror. I’m also in love with my green wallpaper.

How would the perfect teenage room be for you?
- I don’t know. If my boyfriend lived here, then it would be perfect.

Kindra Murphy’s wallpaper Colorform and to the right – The beloved “Hollywood” makeup mirror Chloe from Sminkspegel.

Also in the room:
Drop wall stickers.
Norfolk Island Pine.
Stripes never wear out saucer.
Scallops by Klara Bothén.
Cecilia Pettersson’s Fir forest.
Cactus, Opuntia chlorotica.
Clothes rack.
Gran Linen.


16 Responses to The teen’s room

  1. Megan says:

    Omg, that makeup mirror. I’ve always wanted one of those! Do you know if they ship abroad?

  2. Elisabeth says:

    Hi Megan, yes I know they do. Mail them here:

    It sure gives you that “Hollywood” feeling, not only because of its appearance, but also for its light, which is dimmable ;)

  3. what a lovely room! and that wallpaper is fantastic.

  4. Helena says:

    Underbart rum, älskar växterna. Tack för alla länkar. Spegeln alltså!

  5. Niina says:

    Looks great, so harmonic and peaceful!

  6. Fay says:

    Can I move in please? Love everything in this room.

  7. Louise says:

    Ah, already such a grown-up young lady!

  8. Mary says:

    Ha! I like how she slipped in the comment about the boyfriend. Teenage love! All consuming.

  9. Deborah Beau says:

    She is very beautiful Elizabeth and I know my 11 year old Savannah would love that mirror already! Nice to see so much colour in a teen’s room, my eldest son’s is practically all black! x

  10. Ulrika says:

    Åh, vad kul att hitta hit av en ren slump! Kollade in en annan blogg och såg dit namn där :) Jättefint Elisabeth! Kan dock inte fatta att T redan är 15, känns som igår som jag tog hand om dina barn. Hoppas att ni har det bra! / Fröken Ulrika från Pandan

  11. Nikki says:

    So very stylish and meture for a teen room. The cat is adorable, great pictures!

  12. Niina says:

    Amazing!! I would love to have a room like that too and I’m not a teen:))

  13. Big Love! Fint rum och grym tjej! heja!

  14. wow! Tovalisa has blossomed into a mini me! gorgeous young lady.
    and a boyfriend? Last i looked she was having a mustache party with her girlfriends!
    love that wallpaper

  15. Lena says:

    lovely room and great and honest interview. what a cool lady.

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