Gran in linen + more news

Linen! Yes finally we have Gran in linen, Japanese wonderful linen. An indigo/black version for two of you new pillow cases and a sheer natural white linen for another new product, Gran kitchen towel.

We also have a bunch of other nice news in the shop. Like the Black Ribbon pillow case above, designed by Oscar Modin & Lina Holm. And the Mailman Synty Table Mat, the Villi Pohjola table runner from Saana ja Olli and more.

Oh and don’t forget to check out the braided birch basket. Well you hear, it is worth visiting the shop.

The good thing about linen for me is the nice texture and feeling of authenticity. It is more expensive than cotton but it grows more beautiful with time.

Have a nice weekend folks!


(Find the birch vase here).


12 Responses to Gran in linen + more news

  1. Bodil says:

    Finfint. Linne är det perfekta materialet och de där björkvaserna är så fina.

  2. nice! i esp love the little “hook” detail. lovely linens Elisabeth!

  3. Helenbeee says:

    I love linen especially linen that has been ‘aged’ the texture is just beautiful. Your linen looks lovely.

    Did you know that linen is technically a vegetable because its made from the cellulose fibres found in the stalks of the flax plant! :)

    Have a good weekend!

  4. Flock of says:

    Love the fir tree linen. And LOVE your cottage. I dream ;)

  5. Merja says:

    These days, I am only using linen kitchen towels because they work so much better than cotton. Dry out quicker too.

    I love the new pillows too! You have photographed it all so beautifully. But do tell me, how do you get your cats to pose so perfectly? :)

  6. living room looks great

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  8. Beautiful prints! I love linen!

  9. Sarah-Jane says:

    I am in love with the tea towel!! It’s going straight on my list to Santa…

  10. Sarah says:

    Elisabeth. I love the Tea towel and the grey Gran cushion. Beautiful, pure and graphic!

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