Best of Gotheburg – Ann-Louise Landelius’s shop and bags

“On Thursdays and the last Saturday of every month (or whenever she’s there)” you can visit designer Ann-Loise Landelius’ shop here in Linnestaden in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The most stylish of my friends have them – Ann-Louise Landelius’s bags. Ann-Louise’s (or A.L.L. as in the brand name) bags are associated with quality and style. Even if I don’t have a trained eye for sofisticated bags I feel an instant attraction to these good looking ones. The heavy zips, the soft leather, the hooks and the chains…

When I visited Ann-Louise’s shop a couple of days ago it hit me (again), what a bunch of talantes we have in this little big city. In Ann-Loise’s shop you will not only find her own design, but a range of other great, handpicked items. Like the amazing Hilda Hellström‘s work (blogged here).

Read more about Ann-Louise here. And check out her bags, accessories and interior products in her webshop here.

(The hand texted letters in top pic is made by another Gothenburg talante Sara Sandström).


6 Responses to Best of Gotheburg – Ann-Louise Landelius’s shop and bags

  1. Mimmi says:

    Oh I love this! Both the bags (especially nr 15 and nr 2) and Hilda’s art. Would love to visit this place if I ever come to Gothenburg.

  2. Kylie says:

    How fabulous! I love the bags and the styling and the open hours are cute too :) Kx

  3. Henriette says:

    Just wanted to say I stumbled on AnnLouise’s fab bags when I visited Copenhagen last year and have been looking for them since then. Thanks for the link Elisabet, made my day!

  4. amazing

    looks like I}m going to Gothenburg soon.Have to read your blog for some ideas

  5. bmo says:

    å så finns ju du där!

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