Children’s book “Maraton”

We are so glad to present this wonderful book, Maraton in the shop by talanted illustrator Karin Cyrén. Karin has studied Graphic Design & Illustration · Storytelling at Konstfack  University in Stockholm, Sweden.

“I want my drawing to be fast. I think planning and sketch work are important, and a good thing, but they give me the creeps and my patience soon runs out. What drives me is the feeling I get when a picture is finished. It’s the best feeling in the world, and the reason I’m attending this college is to make sure I experience this feeling as often as possible.

Marathon runners are chasing another feeling, but it is maybe similar. A feeling of managing something almost superhuman – of beating yourself. My project is about a marathon. For a brief period I’ll be drawing more than I’ve ever done before. That’s my marathon.”

Maraton is a textless picture book about a marathon that runs through a very diverse landscape.

The book won gold in the Swedish contest Kolla! 2010 and was described by the jury as “an evocative panorama of large and small with room for a new story at every reading.”

Also, check out this amazing tape by Karin (maybe in the shop further on ;)


7 Responses to Children’s book “Maraton”

  1. Melissa Jean says:

    VERY happy to be introducted to Karin’s work – I love it!

  2. Liat Yaniv says:

    Those are amazing illustrations, and a brilliant idea. Beautiful book.

  3. Inger Marie says:

    Looks so fine this book!

  4. phillipmaiwald says:

    this book is soooo cool!
    i wanna have it!
    the charakters looks so funny and cool, great work!

  5. Oh! It’s awesome Elisabeth!
    I discovered her work in an exibithion about swedish illustrators in Paris this summer , and all the original drawings from Maraton were there! It’s SO crazy to see it in real! The colors are so shiny than colors in the book.

  6. lisen says:

    tycker mycket om!

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