Mail order rugs

In my younger days I really loved browsing the thick mail order catalogues who tumled down in the mail box every season, Ellos, Haléns, Josefssons.. Sandviken where I grew up was/is a small town with with a limited range of shops. The merchandise promised so much.

These days I rarely stumble to them, the catalogues. What a nice surprise to find a bunch of nice things in the catalouge of Ellos which I amused myself with tonight.

From the top rug 1, rug 2 and rug 3. Check out this and this one also

More nice rugs at Pinterest.


2 Responses to Mail order rugs

  1. Tess says:

    The midnight blue one is perfection. I am almost tempted to attempt to order it even though the website is in a language/currency I don’t know!

  2. bmo says:

    kelimmatta Ros är ju väldigt bedårande…och i Hagfors är jag uppväxt… får nog skaffa en sån bara för att nånting blivit uppkallat efter den platsen!

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