Lush green, Kinfolk and gathering

This time of the year. The flowers, the soft air, mom and my young niece. Best time of the year. Summer.


And on top of above scenery, a new issue of Kinfolk Magazine. The appealing Kinfolk spirit “simple ways to spend time together” seems more relevant than ever. At least if you listen to trend oracles like Li Edelkoort (does anyone?). ” Trend Union’s new season for summer 2015 is called GATHERING“. Trendy or not that’s how we want to do it, spend time together.


11 Responses to Lush green, Kinfolk and gathering

  1. Åh vad skönt det livet ser ut! Kinfolk fick jag i present från min svärmor som köpte den i USA. Härlig inspiration. Men jag har inte sett den hemma. Har du något tips om var få tag i den i Sverige? Eller måste man beställa över nätet kanske.

    Ha en skön kväll!

  2. Elisabeth says:

    Hej Camilla, ser inte ut som att de har svensk återförsäljare, antar att det bästa är att beställa via nätet. Ha det bra du med :)

  3. bmo says:

    det här känns utslitet, men vad kan man annars säga än ” det är så fint här hos dig!”
    jag hittade en svensk sida som säljer kinfolk…
    och en “riktig” affär på krukmakaregatan 24-26 i sthlm

  4. gina says:

    Hi Elisabeth!
    Since you asked, no I don’t follow trend
    oracles… for certain industries, I guess
    I understand the need for trend forecasters
    but honestly, once something becomes a “trend”
    to me it feels a little old and contrived.
    Gathering with people who matter to you is
    not a trend. Not in my book anyway.

    Certainly hope you are loving these summer days.

    xx/your friend

    • Elisabeth says:

      Hi dear friend Gina.
      Trends are interesting to observe in general in my opinion. Do not need to follow though. Would be fun to gather with you some time ;)

  5. ezra says:

    You are such an inspiration!!!!!

  6. deborah says:

    I love all these photos Elisabeth. It really feels like Summer -enjoy x

  7. gina says:

    Isn’t Tovalisa going to be in
    California soon? Or is my memory
    playing tricks with me?


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