Photo crew in the country house

This weekend we were visited by a crew from England. (A book project, will tell you more when I’m allow to). It is always interesting to through someone else’s eyes see your own home were you spent so much time, and maybe even more interesting if you, like me, photograph the enviroment frequent your self. Will they choose the same angles as I normally do? Which details will they pay attention to? Has this place a given tone, or maybe it depends on who is viewing it?

The cat was shy, the kids busy with other things, the husband baked a pie and I was arranging flowers.

The green blanket is lovley isn’t it. Designed by Tina Ratzer. Find it in the shop.


3 Responses to Photo crew in the country house

  1. M. says:

    Such an amazing place you have there. All dreamy.

  2. kim baise says:

    i love all the greens here, the blanket, house and grass with little yellow flower dots <3

  3. Claire Loder says:

    oo sounds like an interesting project!

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