New patterns and a little book ♥

Lily is her name. And then there is Prick. I belive they live in the same forest, although their houses are quite far apart. Lily, something of a dreamer and Prick the more rational. Sometimes they visit each other.

Might be the beginning of the book? Lily and Prick are two new patterns of ours. Baby blankets in turquoise, red and yellow. Like a summer day, but would also warm a little one on a more chilly autumn day. Take a look at the yellow versions as well here.

There is also a book. Could be something to go with a blanket, or on its own. It’s a book with an open story, where the directions is up to you. The thought is that you make your own story with help of the pictures, conversation, imagination and questions, together.

Preview it over at Blurb.

Hope you like what you see. And don’t forget to enter our pillowcase giveaway before Wednesday 22 May. Wish you all a great coming week.

UPDATE “Prick” should we change it?? Prick means dot in Swedish but yes we realized what it can mean in English. Since we have the Swedish words GRAN and BARR in our earlier products we kind of wanted to have the same line. It keep coming reactions about the name though, ha


10 Responses to New patterns and a little book ♥

  1. veronica says:

    and the little book is definitely like a faiy tale. such a nice little book !

  2. naa says:

    lovely! You are so creative and hardworking! Every week is something new here, bravo! *
    Are the blankets very thick or are they ok for the summer? My baby boy would definitely need one for the hotter days which are coming. :)

    • Elisabeth says:

      Oh not entirely true, but thanks Ana!

      The blankets are perfect as summer blankets. Soft, not super light but definitely not thick. First summer with your little boy, gosh how very nice.

  3. naa says:

    oh and the book is lovely off-course!

  4. rebecca says:

    They are lovely! But I admit I was a little surprised when I read the name Prick! Could you maybe use a different Swedish word instead?

  5. Flora says:

    I commented on IG, but I think Prik, or Pryk would be fine – also, being 4 letters long, fits it with GRAN and BARR welll. I mean, ‘prick’ also means a little scratch with a needle in English, and this is kind of what the pattern looks like.

    Just a thought anyway :)

  6. mieke verbijlen says:

    waw, the patterns are very nice. i have a vintage one that reminds me of it, it’s one the blog here:

    the book is nice too! love the photo with the bears in the bed, so cute!

  7. tas-ka says:

    We’re very curious to see your book, looks already beautiful!

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