Design mingle

Visited the ongoing event Västra Götaland goes Milano goes Röhsska, 14–19 May, 2013 at Röhsska museet yesterday. So much talent, and beautiful people.


Charlotte Arvidsson
Design Stories
Haruka Furuyama
IÅIN Masayoshi Oya
Sami Kallio
Sigrid Strömgren
Rasmus Malbert
Charlie Styrbjörn
Markus Johansson
Joel Karlsson (Karl Anderson & Söner)
Roger Persson (Swedese)
Staffan Holm (One Nordic, Swedese)
Daniel Rybakken (Luceplan)
Markus Johansson (Mogg, Olby design,Thekne)

See the program here.


3 Responses to Design mingle

  1. looks like a cool party

  2. The yellow is absolutely adorable. So cheery and bright.

    Love, love your products so much.

  3. julie vw says:

    Oh I love the green one!

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