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Been blogging for over 6 years now. So many photos in the digital drawers. Even if Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest etc. swells over I still enjoy this forum. Very much. And I still enjoy visit blogs my self occasionally. Like Mieke Willem’s blog, look at this amazing find.

There is an interview with me over at Femina magazine today (in Swedish).


24 Responses to I blog

  1. Tim says:

    They’ve sharpened your photos, not nice.
    Great portrait of you, pity I can’t read Swedish.

  2. bmo says:

    bästa bloggen…tur att du fortsätter!

  3. Saskia says:

    So I hope you will go on with blogging for at least another 6 years :) otherwise I would miss your blog very much!

  4. I love your blog… always have. Happy 6 years.. I’ve been blogging for 3 and sometimes blogging can be an ass but most of the time I do love it. Lou x http://littlegreenshed.blogspot.co.uk/

  5. mieke verbijlen says:

    hej thanks alisabeth for the mention!
    still love blogging, just can’t get it out of my system :) and still look at your blog every day, as well as some others, it’s just a big part of my life, almost 5 years now :)

  6. Elmer says:

    Congrats on the interview! I enjoyed it. Keep on blogging!

  7. Dear Elisabeth,
    congrats to your beautiful blog!
    Thank you for your endurance and sence for beauty and brightness.
    btw… your MOON has arrived :)

    Keep it up!

    xo Ariane.

  8. Jo @ bindsyoutome says:

    I love what you do on all forums. I have found lots of inspiration from your blog especially. Happy blogging, Jo xx

  9. naa says:

    Congrats for your many creative bloggin’ years… you are an inspiration!*

  10. Jennifer says:

    Happy blog birthday! Wonderful photos and lovely portrait of you in the interview (shame I can’t understand it!).

  11. Kylie says:

    I love blogging too, and I love reading yours :) Great collection of photos here. Kx

  12. Sara says:

    nice photo sets. I love the blue and silhouette forest.

  13. Polly says:

    I really enjoy blogging, I find it the perfect little challenge – making the time, making the content, making it pretty. Love reading others too and yours in one I especially look forward to.

  14. lisen says:

    grattis till 6års! :D

  15. Helenb says:

    Im very happy that you like blogging it shows in your posts! That passion for it is what makes your blog interesting and why I keep returning.

    Helen :)

    PS: the interview was great look forward to seeing some pics from SriLanka!

  16. Shay says:

    Great find! I’m glad you’ve continued to blog for so long!

  17. Pia says:

    Fina bilder som vanligt, övre kakelugnsbilden ser liksom tecknad ut, och den blå-gröna skogsbilden i mellanraden har en härlig skogskänsla i sig. Blog on, I hope – så länge du orkar : )

  18. Ulrika says:

    Så otroligt fin kakelugn, fungerar den? Jag har alltid undrat hur de funkar… man har luckan stängd medan man eldar väl?

    • Elisabeth / Fine Little Day says:

      Tyvärr är de igensatta kakelugnarna, iallafall de vi har i stan. De på landet funkar fint. Tydligen ska man ha luckan stängd, precis som du säger, om man vill behandla ugnarna med omsorg. Vi är lite dåliga på det, det är ju så trevligt att kunna se elden och höra spraket. Så dessvärre eldar vi mest med öppna luckor.

  19. Elisabeth / Fine Little Day says:

    Thanks for your positivity folks!

  20. Agata says:

    yeee folks like you a lot ! I look at your blog every day day too ;-) Thank you for sharing your life this way. Happy anniversary!

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