A friend, a fika, a book. Look how romantic life can look like with a bit of shallow depth of field.

Also quite romantic, this little house at Hemnet.
Artist Lisa Grue has made a bunch of new, nice prints.


9 Responses to Wednesday

  1. Signe says:

    Dear Elisabeth,

    I am a Danish illustrator, I used lived in Berlin, now I live in a cabin just outside Copenhagen. It is kind of a simple-living-thing we are trying out, anyway…
    I fell like I know you following Fine Little Day, so I guess I just wanted to say, this is me reading.

    All the best, Signe

  2. Norma Keyte says:

    hello ,is the cloud fabric yours or Lisa Grues ? love love your blog and your goodies in your shop Toodles norma

  3. have a great Thursday Elisabeth:)
    I’m working on the depth of field matter with my camera and somehow never get it perfect enough;) always have to fix it in lightroom afterwards ;)

    in Poland we have a fat Thursday today, eating tons of doughnuts :D


  4. Inger Marie says:

    Love posts like this – little views of your everyday life.

  5. Malin says:

    Oh my…..the bag, on the last picture reminds me of my grandmother. She made those kind of bags…..

  6. lisa says:

    Just wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing the title of the cross stitch book. It’s art is LOVELY! Thank you!

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