The Bògòlanfini textiles, handmade and fairtrade

I just love these “rough”, traditional Bògòlanfini textiles of the Bamana people of Mali in West Africa. The handmade feeling is total. Just look at the bleeding patterns and the visible hand stitches. Bògòlanfini or bogolan is a Malian cotton fabric traditionally dyed with fermented mud. I’m obviously not the only one who enjoy these textiles because every time they are back in stock in the shop they sell out quickly.

The process of making these textiles is from what I understand it, rather complex. Beginning with the growing of cotton and gathering mud which the artists keep in pots for a certain time before use. Tip: google “bogolanfini” and look att the pattern treasures. Above Lines bedspread, below Lines pillow case.

Here a peep of the Bògòlanfini bedspread that lying on our bed.

Book that would fit my bookshelf African Mud Cloth.


2 Responses to The Bògòlanfini textiles, handmade and fairtrade

  1. Nalle says:

    That bedspread and pillow case are just perfect!

  2. Silkie says:

    Such simple understated pattern and is so wonderfully tactile. A perfect example of less is more.I love this!

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