Hi. Sunday.

Sunday. Is nice. Sweden got light again.
So, what has happened since last time? The cat got sick (under control now), finally I’ve started running (again). A n d, as the curious one I am I’ve joined Vine the micro-video sharing service that Twitter launched last week. Can’t give you a link to mine though since I don’t know how to find it on the web. Do you?

Keep coming back to Grandma Moses paintings.


11 Responses to Hi. Sunday.

  1. Yfat says:

    The cat is so cute. I’m glad he’s feeling better. Must ask, what kind of cat is he?

  2. sevda says:

    hey, glad you’re running again! you were the one that got me into running, really… and it changed my life completely. don’t laugh now, it’s true.
    must say i’m suffering from a rather nasty injury the past 3 months, but i really hope to be able to run again this spring… aah. i need it badly.:)
    hope everything’s a-okay with you!

  3. Elisabeth / Fine Little Day says:

    Wow, that’s so great! Let’s keep it up Sevda, both of us :)

  4. bmo says:

    men lilla Hiro…krya på dig…sjuka katter är det värsta…när de inte säger nåt…bara ber om hjälp med ögonen och kroppen…
    underbaraste målningarna…hur hittar du allt bra…där fick jag en otrolig utställning mitt i söndagskvällen…tack snälla!

  5. Silvia says:

    Love you posts on Vine :)
    I only managed to get links to single posts. You have to share them on Twitter to get the links. Otherwise, I have no idea.

    Have a nice week!

  6. Helenb says:

    I read through their help section and its similar to instagram where their online site is an information and joining portal for the mobile app. So whatever device you have downloaded the app to so for instance your iphone you will find the functional nav menu there. I suppose eventually it will become like instagram where there will be 3rd party online galleries (like webstagram etc) where you will be able to set up web galleries. But in the meantime I think you need to use it through another channel such as twitter which handles video.
    I havent downloaded it yet to see so this is guessing from what Ive seen so far but it looks great and the coffee one in the promo is my fav!

    Helen :)

    • Helenb says:

      oops twitter is not a channel I meant mobile device and access it online through your twitter web account.

      • Elisabeth says:

        Thanks for taking the time with the info Helenb! I’ll try to figure it out how to with Twitter while waiting for the 3rd party online galleries then ;)

  7. Kylie says:

    Beautiful photos Elisabeth. I need to start running again too. Good on you. Kx

  8. Julia.B says:

    Juste un petit bonjour depuis la France… Douces pensées

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