Thomas Laurien

Had the pleasure to visit my old school, HDK today. Togehter with talented designer Thomas Laurien. Thomas work broad with different disciplines. Actually he was one of my teachers when I studied. Thomas was always in charge of the most interesting courses. About surfaces, wallpapers and pattern design. The textile patterns in this post is Thomas work.

Thomas has worked extensively in Japan. A couple of years ago he wrote a book, The Materiality of the Surface together with another former HDK teacher, Kristina Fridh.


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  1. Tarah says:

    Stunning patterns indeed!

    • Thomas Laurien says:

      Thank you Tarah,

      It was great working with Elisabeth yesterday!

      The pattern is hand printed in Hachioji, Japan.
      There are 25 meters of each colorway.

  2. Helenb says:

    Its really interesting to see where you spent your formative years and a glimpseof the influential people that you spent time with. It looks a fantastic space and reminds me of my old art school in Tasmania. The designs of the fabric are very beautiful.

    Helen :)

    • Thomas Laurien says:

      Thank you Helen,

      Yes the space is inspirational and belongs to HDK School of Design and Crafts at the Gothenburg University.

      About being influential – I have to say that Elisabeth was very influential already as a student!

  3. Pia says:

    Verkligen fina trädmönster. Thomas gör speciella saker, eget.

  4. Saskia says:

    Great work! And great working space as well.

  5. Valter says:

    Where can I buy these fab textiles?

    • Thomas Laurien says:

      Thank you Valter,

      I haven’t decided anything about the selling yet.
      Would you be interested?

  6. cissi says:

    Åh, härligt, inspirerande och vackert. Kommer man kunna beskåda detta någonstans live framöver?

    • Thomas Laurien says:

      Tack Cissi!

      Jag ska tänka ut något! :)
      Och vart tar din senaste skogsglänta vägen?

      • cissi says:

        Än sålänge tar den inte vägen någonstans men jag visar den i Tobex monter på möbelmässan. De ska börja sälja direkt till kund och kommer att sälja mönstret men alla rättigheter förblir mina, + att jag kan sälja av det själv och de kan trycka print on demand. I förlängningen hoppas jag på att någon köper mönstret och producerar det, men jag har inte visat det för någon än! Säljer du detta själv eller har du någon producent?

  7. Sara says:

    the design is perfect for a window: like looking at the bare trees in winter which shade less and allow brightness in. Very elegant. And where are they sold?
    Oh, and a student like Elizabeth, among teachers who are ready for her, how great a combination that is!

  8. Louise says:

    It looks like such a fantastic space to learn and work in! The prints are just beautiful.

  9. Charlyn says:


    p.s. And oh E…I think you would like Michel Gondry’s new film…


  10. bmo says:

    väldigt fint, trädigt och tidlöst…

  11. Inger Marie says:

    Beautiful textiles!

  12. Iwona says:

    I really like your blog!!! Beautiful fabrics!!! I greet:)

  13. Lexie says:

    Spectacular work! I would love to learn how to create prints.

  14. minna says:

    jag är intresserad av att köpa ett par meter av det röda, om du har för avsikt att sälja. mvh minna

  15. ave estudio says:

    That place looks amazing, love the pictures, textiles and whiteness, very thankful to both of you for sharing this pictures.

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